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Sun Hung Kai Properties Hotels Debuts ‘Go Royal’ Hotel Loyalty Programme


Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) Hotels launches Go Royal by SHKP, Hong Kong’s largest hotel and shopping loyalty programme that combines hotel dining, stay, leisure and shopping rewards. With the convenient Go Royal mobile app, members would be able to redeem bonus points, the same loyalty currency used by The Point, the integrated customer loyalty programme for SHKP malls across the city, at the Group’s shopping malls for fabulous rewards. The Point members could also readily enjoy exceptional accommodation or dining experiences at Royal hotels and their award-winning restaurants.

Go Royal debuts at a time when COVID-related restrictions are being gradually relaxed and the Government has launched the latest round of the Consumption Voucher Scheme to boost the economy. Customers can truly benefit with the additional rewards offered by the Go Royal membership. The new programme encompasses five Royal hotels (namely The Royal Garden, Royal Park Hotel, Royal Plaza Hotel, Royal View Hotel and ALVA Hotel by Royal) and their 20 restaurants. As The Point bonus points are also redeemable at 25 SHKP malls, Go Royal members could enjoy more extraordinary rewards after earning the bonus points with their spending at Royal hotels.

SHKP Executive Director Adam Kwok explains: “Go Royal brings together loyal guests of SHKP’s five Royal Hotels and members of The Point. To elevate customer experience, the programme comes with an easy-to-use mobile app to offer a more comprehensive, diverse and tailored experience that suits the spending habits of the new generation. Guests can easily fulfil their wish for hotel stays, dining and shopping in malls with two programmes, one single account and one set of bonus points.”

The initiative comes as another major customer experience enhancement for Hong Kong’s largest shopping mall customer loyalty platform, The Point, with a membership of over 1.8 million. Members can easily earn more points at various touchpoints. They can earn one point for every dollar spent at Royal hotels, on top of 25 SHKP malls.

SHKP Executive Director Christopher Kwok adds: “Go Royal’s alliance with The Point is a significant strategic milestone for the programme. It underscores the growing importance of The Point as a core membership programme of the Group that enhances the synergy and creates extra value for our customers and across businesses within the Group. With a customer-centric approach, we are elevating the loyalty programme to the next level for our customers, and creating more opportunities for our 1.8 million members to earn and burn their points.”

Membership Types

Two types of Go Royal membership are available – Go Royal, a free membership with no expiry date; and Go Royal Gold, a membership with an annual fee of HK$1,388, which offers more discounts and an array of exclusive offers.

Member Type
Validity Period
Member Benefits
Go Royal
Free enrolment
No expiry date
Go Royal Card
Year-round 10% off on dining
Go Royal Gold
Annual fee HK$1,388
Go Royal Gold Card
Up to 20% off on dining & 8% off on rooms booking

Both membership types are designed for those seeking luxury and convenience. Providing quality curated products and services that resonate with an elevated lifestyle, members can find the very best in life with Go Royal.

Go Royal Launch Offers

To celebrate the launch, from now till the end of July 2022, members will receive

  • A HK$100 Welcome Coupon: Upon becoming a Go Royal member after free registration;
  • Triple Welcome Bonus Points: The first HK$500 spending in a single qualifying transaction at any participating hotel or restaurant will earn triple Welcome Bonus points, and every subsequent HK$1 spending can earn 1 point; and
  • Extra Double Bonus Points: For any qualifying spending under the Consumption Voucher Scheme at any of the Royal hotels by the end of May 2022.

*Go Royal terms and conditions apply.

Year-Round Member Benefits

Go Royal members can enjoy a whole range of hospitality, dining, and shopping rewards, including:

  • Year-round 10% off on dining, up to 20% off for Gold members
  • An 8% off on rooms (applicable to Gold members only)
  • Gold members receive HK$1,200 worth of dining coupons and bonus vouchers for complimentary lunch buffets, birthday cakes and more.
  • Earn 1 The Point bonus point for every HK$1 of qualifying hotel spending#
  • Double bonus points in birthday month#
  • Earn points for qualifying events held in participating hotels#
  • Redeem member-exclusive rewards#
  • Online hotel service via Go Royal App and WeChat Mini Programme including checking points balance, redeeming hotel rewards, room booking, table reservations, Takeaway & Delivery, and e-Shop.

#Go Royal members will start enjoying these benefits upon the first single qualifying hotel spend of HK$500 or above.

For more information, please click www.goroyal.com.hk.

SHKP gives full support to community isolation facilities 
Swiftly building SmarTone 5G networks and providing free data cards 
Free tickets to Sky100 and Noah’s Ark for CIF occupants and workers


Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (SHKP) continues to support Hong Kong’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. To provide a stable and high-speed network communications service, SHKP’s subsidiary SmarTone is constructing 5G networks at full speed at 10 sites where community isolation facilities (CIFs) and a hospital for emergency use are located. Anti-pandemic workers and people admitted to the facilities will also enjoy free local data from SmarTone. Moreover, SHKP will give out 15,000 complimentary tickets to Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck and another 15,000 to Noah’s Ark Hong Kong Theme Park to occupants of the six CIFs.

SHKP Chairman and Managing Director Raymond Kwok said: “SHKP has assisted in different areas to fight the virus since the outbreak of the pandemic. Our initiatives include lending for free sites for building CIFs, providing free office space as venues for community vaccination, speedily constructing 5G networks for CIFs, expediting the transportation of supplies from the mainland, and arranging for our property management companies to help with the last-mile delivery of anti-pandemic items. SHKP has worked closely with different parties in the anti-pandemic fight, in the hope that Hong Kong will win the battle and return to normal as soon as possible.”

Today, Edward Yau, the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, visited the Tam Mi CIF in Yuen Long in the company of Allen Fung, SHKP Executive Director and SmarTone Deputy Chairman & Executive Director, to learn more about the SmarTone 5G service and formally receive the materials donated by SHKP. Allen Fung said: “SHKP remains united in the anti-pandemic fight. As a pioneer in mobile service, SmarTone started building 5G networks for CIFs while the latter were still under construction. The SmarTone team also quickly arranged 5G Wi-Fi routers and free local data cards for CIFs, allowing anti-pandemic staff and people under isolation to maintain seamless communication with the community.”

Committed to Building Networks with Heart, SmarTone has already completed the construction of 5G networks for the CIFs in Tam Mi, San Tin and Hung Shui Kiu. Occupants and staff in the CIFs, including frontline healthcare workers and members of the anti-pandemic task force, will also receive 5G Wi-Fi routers and free local data cards from SmarTone. With a stable, high-speed 5G network, anti-pandemic workers can speed up the check-in of CIF occupants, who can also scan a QR code with their mobile phones to access a designated webpage, where they can fill out personal information, pre-order meals every day, and request daily necessities. 

In addition, SHKP will present 15,000 tickets to the Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck and another 15,000 to Noah’s Ark Hong Kong Theme Park to families admitted to CIFs, hoping a tour to Hong Kong’s famous attractions will help lift their spirits after their stay in the CIF. Another SHKP subsidiary, YATA, has prepared 20,000 caring kits for occupants in the Tam Mi and San Tin CIFs.

Earlier, SHKP lent for free a site in Tam Mi and another in San Tin for building community isolation facilities. The Group also offered another plot of land in San Tin to serve as a temporary cargo transfer yard to help handle supplies from the mainland. The three sites have a combined area of about 1.7 million square feet.

SHKP’s property management companies help with
last-mile delivery of anti-pandemic supplies 
Benefitting almost 800,000 people in residential developments


A large number of people need to undergo home isolation amid the severe pandemic situation in Hong Kong. As part of Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited’s (SHKP) efforts to combat the pandemic, its property management companies – Hong Yip Service Company Limited (Hong Yip) and Kai Shing Management Services Limited (Kai Shing) – have partnered with the Hong Kong Volunteers Against Coronavirus to deliver anti-pandemic supplies collected from the community to needy households. Hong Yip and Kai Shing will also fully support the government in its coming distribution of anti-pandemic packs. Managing a total of 338 residential developments, the two companies can help with the last-mile delivery of supplies to almost 800,000 people.

SHKP Chairman and Managing Director Raymond Kwok said: “Amid the changing pandemic situation, SHKP has strived to address the city’s pressing need for isolation facilities, communication networks in those facilities, vaccination centres, a stable supply of goods, and the timely handling of anti-pandemic materials from the mainland. We stand united to support Hong Kong’s fight against the pandemic. Recognizing the needs of people under home isolation, our property management companies have quickly made the best of their resources to support the distribution of anti-pandemic items and daily necessities to affected individuals. The supplies include materials provided by the Central Government and those collected by the Hong Kong Volunteers Against Coronavirus.”

Bunny Chan, the chief convenor of the Hong Kong Volunteers Against Coronavirus, said: “We are grateful to work with Hong Yip and Kai Shing, two of the largest property management companies in Hong Kong. Hong Yip and Kai Shing were the first in their industry to lend us a hand. Their support will provide important manpower resources to significantly expedite the distribution of supplies. We are also thankful for SHKP’s donation of materials and their timely assistance. They have set a role model for others. We believe that with the concerted effort of the community, Hong Kong will soon be able to beat the pandemic.”

Coordinating the distribution of supplies from different parties

Hong Yip and Kai Shing are two of the biggest property management companies in Hong Kong, managing 338 residential developments, which house close to 800,000 people in more than 200,000 units. Today Alkin Kwong, Chairman and Chief Executive of Hong Yip, and Chan Kam-fai, Managing Director of Kai Shing, met with Bunny Chan to kick off their collaboration. Both pledged to swiftly send the supplies collected by the Hong Kong Volunteers Against Coronavirus, part of which were donated by SHKP, to needy households. 

Meeting residents’ needs in the spirit of Building Homes with Heart

Both Hong Yip and Kai Shing are at the forefront of the anti-pandemic battle and support the government’s StayHomeSafe Scheme. In addition to stepping up disinfection in the residential developments, they strive to provide appropriate support and services to residents. Their initiatives included purchasing daily necessities for households undergoing home isolation and arranging for medical groups to offer an outreach vaccination service at clubhouses in the residential developments.

Anti-pandemic measures in shopping malls and office buildings

SHKP has also continued to step up anti-pandemic measures in its shopping malls and office buildings, including leveraging smart technology to disinfect its premises and improving the monitoring of air quality. Moreover, the Group recently provided free space in Millennium City 5, in Kwun Tong, and Landmark North, in North District, as venues for community vaccination centres. Both centres are also strongly supported by their property management arm.

Executive Speeches
Groundbreaking ceremony for transitional housing project United Court<br />Chairman and Managing Director Raymond Kwok (Chinese only)
Groundbreaking ceremony for transitional housing project United Court<br />Chairman and Managing Director Raymond Kwok (Chinese only)
5G LAB launch<br />Chairman and Managing Director Raymond Kwok (Chinese only)
5G LAB launch<br />Chairman and Managing Director Raymond Kwok (Chinese only)
Announcement of transitional housing project United Court<br />Executive Director Adam Kwok (Chinese only)
Announcement of transitional housing project United Court<br />Executive Director Adam Kwok (Chinese only)