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SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation co-organizes an inter-university event with Nanjing University


The SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation (the Foundation) recently co-organized with Nanjing University an inter-university exchange event for alumni and teachers. About 100 participants from 20 universities took part in the event.

Adhering to the Group's Building Homes with Heart philosophy, the SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation supports education, social service and cultural heritage preservation. The event included a seminar, a workshop and an alumni gathering at which the work of the SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation Inter-university Alumni Association (the Association) were shared. Participating universities included: Nanjing University, Peking University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tongji University, Southeast University, Sun Yat-sen University, Tianjin University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Fudan University, Hunan University, Northwest University, Chongqing University, Southwest University, Guizhou University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Northeast Normal University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and Zhejiang University of Science and Technology.

At the welcoming ceremony, Nanjing University Party Committee Deputy Secretary Xue Hailin talked about the university's good long-term partnership with SHKP and the Foundation. He also took the opportunity to highly commend the Foundation's continuous support for higher education over the years. According to Xue, the Foundation's support and its rigorous management standards helped many outstanding students' dreams come true and improve the universities’ sponsorship management. He said he looks forward to seeing the graduates unleash their potential and promote the charitable spirit of helping others in the future. 

At the opening of the event, SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation Director Terry Li showcased the efforts and results of different partnering institutions in promoting the Association. He also talked about the future development of the Association and invited academics and stakeholders to share their experience and views so that the charity work can keep up with the times and be conducted in an innovative way.

Later, Nanjing University Student Affairs Department Deputy Head Jiang Enming, Hunan University Education Foundation Secretary-General Deng Lihua, and Tianjin University Peiyang Education Development Foundation Deputy Secretary-General Pan Xiaorui talked about how they sought to connect the alumni and offered suggestions on how to further strengthen the ties. Some touching stories of the graduates were also shared. 

The inter-university event also included a workshop for university teachers and an alumni social gathering. At the workshop, the teachers carried out in-depth exchanges in a relaxing and joyful atmosphere. And at the gathering, which was hosted by Tan Qiangqiang, the person-in-charge of the Association and a Hunan University alumnus, the beneficiary students from different grade levels and various universities across the country shared their experiences and life journeys, and expressed their gratitude. Backed by the fruitful discussion, the Association is about to launch a new milestone.

Since its establishment nearly two decades ago, the SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation has created and sponsored more than 60 projects, benefitting people from over 20 provinces and cities across the country, and has donated more than RMB700 million, which has benefitted about 9,000 graduates.

Race to Shanghai IFC partners with Xia Boyu to present a different shade of red


SHKP Vertical Run for Charity – Race to Shanghai IFC organized a heart-warming charity carnival at the IAPM mall in Shanghai IFC. Along with being the largest international skyscraper racing event in Shanghai, the Race to Shanghai IFC is also a charity event. The event's ambassador this year, Xia Boyu, Laureus World Sports Awards winner and renowned Chinese mountaineer, shared his climbing spirit at the carnival and called for the public to support sports for charity. Xia puts into practice the race's charity spirit of 'One more step, to love and hope', helping children awaiting assistance see hope.

Sharing his climbing spirit, Xia Boyu presents a different red shade of passion and hope

The charity carnival's theme is 'A Different Shade of Red'. This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Symbolizing passion, hope, warmth and love, red has a profound meaning for Chinese people. Even though the event colour of SHKP Vertical Run for Charity – Race to Shanghai IFC is a different shade of red, it conveys the same messages – being passionate about charity efforts, spreading love and hope through sports.

The event's ambassador this year, Xia Boyu, Laureus World Sports Awards winner and renowned mountaineer, is the same age as the new China. He was China's first amputee mountaineer to have successfully scaled Mount Everest and is China's oldest climbing hero. After trying persistently five times in 43 years and overcoming frostbite, amputation, cancer and thrombosis, Xia finally made his way to the summit with prosthetic limbs last year, showing the world Chinese people's perseverance and willpower.

Xia said that the Race to Shanghai IFC, as a professional race, offers an opportunity for all to experience the sport of stair climbing, and for amateurs and world-class athletes to compete together; while as a charity event, it provides a platform for more people to understand and support the charity initiatives. He hopes all participants and supporters can demonstrate the climbing spirit, to be determined and fearless when facing challenges, not to give up on the 57-floor track, and be committed to charity. At the end of the event, he called for everyone to climb to spread love and hope with perseverance and willpower, igniting every step of the Shanghai IFC skyscraper with his 43 years of climbing persistence.

Sun Hung Kai Development (China) Director Rick Man said that the race, combining sports and charity, attracts participants through its wide impact and broad eligibility, putting the spirit of climbing for charity into practice. He said he hopes that the climbing spirit will encourage participants to never give up on the track, to be committed to charity, and to dare to go on even when facing challenges.

Family of a child patient share their story; every step of climbing garners love and power

Entering its sixth year, the Race to Shanghai IFC has engaged more and more people to learn about the latest charity updates and support charity initiatives. During the past six years, all race proceeds, with no cost deduction, have been donated to the Shanghai Children's Health Foundation to provide treatment for underprivileged child patients at the Shanghai Children's Medical Centre. So far, 161 underprivileged child patients from across the country have regained health with the help of the donations.

One of the beneficiaries, Gu Zixuan, a child patient under active treatment, joined the carnival with her parents. With deficiency in tibial hemimelia, Zixuan previously could only stay home to self-learn. After receiving help from the fund, she has now returned to kindergarten. Her story has moved many and encouraged people to do charity. Many a little makes a mickle, as the saying goes. Zixuan's mother is pleased with and touched by Zixuan's recovery. To her, every step the participants made in the Race to Shanghai IFC brings love and hope to the families of child patients.

Since August, the Race to Shanghai IFC has organized charity flea markets at four weekends with the theme “red” to spread love and encourage participants to engage in charity. The markets received overwhelming response. The active participation and the generous donations have brought a lot of love to disadvantaged child patients at the Shanghai Children's Medical Centre. Moreover, those who cannot take part in the race or visit the markets have showed their love and support to the Race to Shanghai IFC by checking in online.

"The care of every participant helps us garner positive energy. Seeing children receiving medical help and regaining their health and hope strengthens our determination to continue to contribute," said Sun Hung Kai Development (China) Director Rick Man. "In the future, we will continue to integrate our Building Homes with Heart philosophy in various corporate social responsibility practices. With our patriotism and care for the community, we proactively support different charity initiatives for the betterment of society."

Sharing their experience in charity work for children at the charity carnival included Wang Runda, Sergeant in the First Brigade of the Traffic Police Detachment of the Xuhui Branch of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau, representing the Corporate Relay teams; and Ji Qingying, the Shanghai Children's Medical Centre Party Committee Secretary.

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