Youth and Education

The Group values education and encourages life-long learning. We also believe that people should grow to stay current with the world and be more innovative. To this end, we engage in a wide range of initiatives to support the growth and development of youths especially those with financial challenges.

Modern Apprenticeship Programme

The Group in conjunction with Breakthrough organizes an annual Modern Apprenticeship Programme specially designed for underperforming students. It provides them with practical learning, on-the-job training, and one-on-one coaching by experienced employees to provide the career skills young people will need in life and to boost their personal growth.

New Territories West Elite Students Programme

The Group set up the ‘New Territories West Elite Students Programme’ to help raise the quality of primary and secondary school education by enhancing facilities and letting schools try different ways of teaching. It covers classroom lessons, after-school homework guidance and extra-curricular activities for students to provide comprehensive education that develops students’ full potential. The programme has nurtured many outstanding students over the past decade.

Empowering young entrepreneurs

By offering rent-free, fully equipped office premises to Hong Kong X-Tech Startup Platform and the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, the Group empowers and encourages young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams in technological and creative innovation and development.

Scholarship and sponsorship

The Group funds youth education both in Hong Kong and on the mainland with initiatives such as the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Education University of Hong Kong scholarships in addition to offering learning and development support to the next generation of our employees.  Through the SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation, the Group also supports some 20 universities throughout the mainland for academically outstanding but financially challenged students to complete their undergraduate studies, and special post-graduate programmes that also involve overseas study opportunities.

Sun Hung Kai Properties Nobel Laureates Distinguished Lectures

The Group and the Chinese University of Hong Kong have presented the Sun Hung Kai Properties Nobel Laureates Distinguished Lecture series since 2004, with 28 Nobel Laureates and renowned scholars sharing their insights and knowledge with people of Hong Kong.