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SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation anti-poverty project for students and residents in Dingxi, Gansu a success
Precise anti-poverty initiatives to help Gansu reach zero poverty goal by 2020


Adhering to the belief in Building Homes with Heart, the SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation established by Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (SHKP) has always spared no effort in nurturing the younger generation. The Foundation's work includes supporting high school education in poor regions in the west of the country. It has extended its reach to providing underprivileged farming families with clean drinking water, which has achieved successful results.

Recently, SHKP Independent Non-Executive Director Dr. Norman Leung and SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation Associate Director Terry Li visited Dingxi to inspect the results of the Foundation's anti-poverty work for students and residents.

The SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation established a scholarship programme for Lintao Middle School in Dingxi, Gansu in 2015, offering high school education to 220 financially disadvantaged but deserving high school students. Since then, 660 scholarships have benefitted from the programme. Among the student beneficiaries last year, 89% were admitted by different universities across the country for further education. This year, Dr. Norman Leung encouraged the students who will soon take the College Entrance Examination to do their best and strive for excellent results.

Dr. Norman Leung and the delegation visited Da'an Village in Weiyuan, where the Foundation sponsored a project to pipe in drinking water for local farming families. According to the local government, now that 154 underprivileged families have access to safe and clean drinking water, the water supply problem of the village has been completely solved. This is a further step in reaching the zero poverty goal by 2020, and the residents showed their gratitude by putting up a monument. Since 2015, the SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation has helped bring safe and clean drinking water to over 1,100 underprivileged families in more than 10 farming villages in Lintao and Weiyuan counties, in Dingxi.

Local governments and the residents who have benefited from the initiatives complimented the Foundation on the precision of its anti-poverty projects, which are in line with the country's poverty alleviation strategies. The anti-poverty projects of the SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation have had a positive impact on education and people's livelihood in the region, and thus have received great acclaim.

The SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation is committed to alleviating poverty in Gansu and other poor regions and to contributing to the country's anti-poverty plans.

SHKP Reading Club Talk – 'More Than a Writer: I Am a Slasher!' 
Daisy Wong, Lwoavie and Jacky Jim share tips on becoming a slasher


Following the large-scale talk for young people at Sky100 in late April, the SHKP Reading Club under Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) hosted another event last Saturday at the APM mall in Kwun Tong. Three slash gurus – satirical author Daisy Wong, online fiction writer Lwoavie, and TV anchor Jacky Jim – shared their insights on how writers can expand beyond the 'writer' identity by becoming versatile slashers and diversifying across different mediums to create multi-dimensional works in the Internet 3.0 era.

Traditional workplace wisdom is all about staying focused, but today's young generation are not fans of monotony. Recently, the world has witnessed the rise of the new 'slasher' population, who are people with multiple professions and identities who separate their different titles with 'slashes'. The SHKP Reading Club talk, titled 'More Than a Writer: I Am a Slasher!', attracted a group of young people who wish to express themselves through words and become slashers.

SHKP Director of Corporate Communications Chris Liu said that after its fifth anniversary last year, the SHKP Reading Club has taken a brand new approach in 2019, focusing on promoting reading among young people by introducing a variety of reading experiences. In addition to launching an online reading platform 'Read for More', the SHKP Reading Club has organized different interesting offline events that enable young people to interact with popular, renowned authors and celebrities to learn from their experience and find inspiration from extended reading.

During the talk, the three slashers, who had the courage to take on more identities than usual, generously shared their experience and agreed on the three essentials to becoming a successful slasher: capability, perseverance, and staying true to oneself. Lwoavie said that he had made direct submissions to 30 publishers in vain, so he decided to publish his work online. Since then, Lwoavie has become very popular among young readers and students, and has written over 70 books in 10 years. The online writer attributes his success to perseverance. Thus, his advice for the young generation is not to give up on their dreams and not to fear obstacles or failure. Daisy Wong, an author famous for her satire, has published over 30 books, and hosted about 40 talk shows and two concerts. She said young people should always be loyal to themselves even when attempting something new, so that they can express their uniqueness rather than drift with the tide. At the same time, they must understand their own ability well to avoid wasting precious time. Jacky Jim, who juggles parallel lives in entertainment and finance, believes that reading and writing are two of the secrets to creating successful multiple identities. He advised young people to remain curious about the world and broaden their horizons by reading in order to prepare for and plan their own unique slasher life.

Launched in mid-January this year, SHKP Reading Club's online reading platform 'Read For More' has published various feature stories, including 'A Style Called Reading' and '365 Celeb Reading List', to discuss reading in a fun way through interesting daily matters. The platform also includes interviews with celebrities, such as actor Chin Ka-lok, singer Alfred Hui, and online influencer and English teacher Uncle Siu, and invites different travel veterans to share their unique experiences. Please visit to learn more!

About the SHKP Reading Club 

SHKP believes in Building Homes with Heart while promoting reading and holistic development. The Group established the SHKP Reading Club in 2013 to consolidate its reading-related initiatives such as seminars by renowned speakers and guided cultural tours in order to inspire more people to enjoy reading and make it a habit. Those interested in becoming a member are welcome to register for free at:

Groundbreaking ceremony for SHKP's integrated complex in Qingsheng, Nansha


A groundbreaking ceremony was held today for Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited’s (SHKP) integrated commercial complex in Qingsheng, Nansha, Guangzhou, a strategic development in the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area. Officiating guests included Cai Chaolin, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee and Party Secretary of the CPC Nansha District Committee, Dong Ke, Deputy Party Secretary of the CPC Nansha District Committee and District Mayor, and Adam Kwok, Executive Director of SHKP. 

SHKP’s total investment in the project is expected to reach RMB6 billion. Qingsheng, Nansha is strategically located in the heart of the Greater Bay Area within the China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone and Nansha enjoys being the only sub-centre of Guangzhou. It is also well served by transport infrastructure, which includes a port terminal, a High Speed Rail station, a metro station, highways, and the Nansha Bridge, which opened in early April this year. The site adjoins Qingsheng Station of the Guangzhou–Shenzhen–Hong Kong Express Rail Link and that of Guangzhou Metro Line 4. Two planned lines (Line 22 and the Zhinan Line) will also have a stop there. Going from Qingsheng Station to Guangzhounan Railway Station on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link takes only 13 minutes. Going to Shenzhen takes half an hour, and a trip to the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, atop of which sits SHKP’s another landmark development, the International Commerce Centre (ICC), takes only one hour.

The Qingsheng area is well suited for transit oriented developments (TOD) and will be a transport hub for the northern part of Nansha, conveniently linked to the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Centre, the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong. It is designed to be Nansha’s core district for industries including artificial intelligence, internet technology, creative, and technological research. 

To be developed based on the TOD model, SHKP’s Qingsheng integrated complex will have iconic office buildings, a large shopping mall and a public greening and leisure area. Seamlessly connected to the Express Rail Link and the Guangzhou Metro Line, it also features a transport interchange concourse, a long-distance passenger station and a public transport terminus. The entire project will have a gross floor area of about 327,000 square metres. 

Addressing the ceremony, Dong Ke, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Nansha District Committee and District Mayor of Nansha District, said, “Today marks the commencement of the construction of the Sun Hung Kai Properties’ integrated commercial complex, the first Guangdong–Hong Kong joint project in Qingsheng of the Nansha Free Trade Zone. Tying in with the strategic blueprint of the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area, the project is another milestone in the opening-up of Nansha, a strategic move to seize opportunities in the Greater Bay Area to develop high-quality projects.”

SHKP Executive Director Adam Kwok said SHKP is committed to Building Homes with Heart, providing quality living areas in Hong Kong and on the mainland. The Group has actively participated in the country’s reform, urban upgrading and transformation, developing landmark integrated projects in prime locations in first-tier cities.

Mr Kwok added that SHKP would make its best efforts to develop the Qingsheng complex into another landmark in the Greater Bay Area, serving as the transport hub and offering superb industry–city integration.

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Underlying Profit
HK$ 30,398 million
(2017/18 Annual Results)
Hong Kong Land Bank
57.4 million square feet
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63.1 million square feet
Hong Kong Retail Space
12 million square feet
Hong Kong Office Space
10 million square feet
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Community Investment and Charity
Community Investment and Charity
Our Environmental Commitment
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Loving Home and Domestic Harmony
Community Investment and Charity
Community Investment and Charity
Our Environmental Commitment
Our Environmental Commitment
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Employee Care
Loving Home and Domestic Harmony
Loving Home and Domestic Harmony