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SHKP supports Earth Hour for 12th straight year with 300 properties taking part to promote energy conservation and environmental protection


Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (SHKP) participated in Earth Hour, a worldwide lights-off campaign organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), for the 12th straight year. As one of the corporations with the highest participation in Hong Kong, SHKP puts energy conservation into practice to promote healthy and sustainable living. This year, SHKP mobilized 300 commercial and industrial buildings, shopping malls and residential estates managed by its property management subsidiaries, including Hong Yip Service Co. Ltd. and Kai Shing Management Services Limited, to switch off non-essential lights for an hour on the night of 28 March. Over the 12 years, the number of participating properties under the Group has increased by more than twofold, spreading across the city.

On the mainland, the Group’s properties taking part in Earth Hour included large-scale integrated landmarks Shanghai IFC, Shanghai ICC, and Shanghai Central Plaza, flagship malls such as Shanghai IFC Mall, Parc Central and Tianhui Plaza in Guangzhou, and a number of residential estates.

In Hong Kong, the properties participating in the event included the Group’s headquarters, Sun Hung Kai Centre, which in 2019 achieved the ‘Excellent’ rating in Energy Use under the Selective Scheme of BEAM Plus Existing Buildings V2.0, organized by the Hong Kong Green Building Council. By adopting a variety of energy conservation measures, the 37-year-old Sun Hung Kai Centre has achieved an aggregate energy consumption reduction of over 41 million kWh, or about 32,000 tonnes of carbon emissions, which is equivalent to planting more than 150,000 trees. The city’s tallest skyscraper, the International Commerce Centre (ICC), which has implemented green management and was the first building to obtain the BEAM Plus Existing Buildings V2.0 Platinum Certificate, and the Kowloon Commerce Centre (KCC), which received the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold certification in Hong Kong, also showed their continued support for the campaign. Other SHKP participants in Earth Hour included Tsuen Wan Plaza, a silver award winner in the Property Management (Commercial & Industrial) category in the 2018 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence, and St. Barths in Ma On Shan, a low-density waterfront residential project handed over to buyers last year.

In addition to developing premium properties and providing excellent services, SHKP puts into practice its belief in Building Homes with Heart by actively fulfilling its social responsibilities while giving back to the community through the optimization of its resources and networks. In 2018, SHKP and Green Power launched Hong Kong’s first free countryside and beach clean-up mobile app, Nature Rescue, an information and social networking platform that encourages the general public, and the younger generation in particular, to participate in nature protection activities and develop heightened environmental awareness. Since its launch, Nature Rescue has facilitated about 80 clean-up activities initiated by the public. SHKP has also supported the SHKP Love Nature Campaign, jointly run by the company and Green Power, for the ninth consecutive year. The campaign combines elements of classroom learning and outdoor activities, such as clean-ups and eco-tours for students in kindergartens, and primary and secondary schools. To date, over 56,000 kg of waste and recyclables have been collected. 

For details about the Group’s initiatives and events to promote sustainable development, please click here to see SHKP’s latest Sustainability Report.

Eight new measures introduced at SHKP malls and offices to enhance protection against the coronavirus


Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (SHKP) has introduced eight new measures, including deploying 300 caring ambassodors, at nearly 60 shopping malls and office buildings to further enhance protection against the novel coronavirus. The measures are aimed at providing customers, tenants as well as staff with a safe, clean and comfortable shopping and working environment. 

SHKP Executive Director Christopher Kwok said, “SHKP malls always maintain a very high standard of hygiene. Knowing that the public have concerns about going out shopping or even leaving their home during the COVID-19 outbreak, we have made extra efforts to strengthen sanitation and cleaning in our malls and office buildings, and taken a series of measures to prevent the spread of the virus to put shoppers and workers at ease.”

He added that SHKP has recruited 300 caring ambassadors to provide additional anti-epidemic services at its malls and offices to help fight the epidemic and to support employment.

Caring ambassadors raise public hygiene standards with attentive services

Eight enhanced measures to prevent the spread of the virus

  1. Recruiting 300 caring ambassdors, who are in special green uniforms: Three hundred caring ambassadors have been deployed at 30 SHKP shopping malls and 27 office buildings. Wearing special green uniforms and equipped with hand sanitizers and thermometers, the ambassadors will help sanitize the hands or measure the body temperature of customers and other members of the public. They will also open doors or press lift buttons for them.
  2. Increasing the cleaning frequency of frequently touched public facilities in malls and offices: Cleaning and disinfection of public facilities in SHKP malls and offices have been strengthened. Frequently touched facilities, such as escalator handrails, door handles of entrances and exits, and railings, are cleaned every 30 minutes with 1:99 bleach or equivalent disinfectant. The cleaning frequency of the main lift buttons has been increased to every 15 minutes.
  3. Installing over 320 automatic hand sanitizer dispensers: More than 320 automatic hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed in SHKP malls. Sterilized carpets have also been placed at main entrances and exits to stop the spread of bacteria and viruses.

  4. Installing automatic disinfection machines at public toilet compartments, entrances, exits, and corridors outside: Automatic disinfection machines have been installed at public toilet compartments, entrances, exits, and corridors in more than 20 major malls, with disinfectant being sprayed every 15 minutes for extensive sterilization. Toilet compartments are sanitized by staff using disinfectant sprays between each use, as far as practicable.

  5. Enhancing ventilation systems in public spaces of malls: The cleaning, inspection and maintenance of ventilation systems in the public spaces of malls have been enhanced. Thorough cleaning and disinfection are conducted more frequently to improve the operating efficiency of the systems, and to ensure good air circulation and hygiene indoors.

  6. Maintaining high hygiene standards in toilets and baby-care facilities: Thorough sanitization of toilets and baby-care facilities is conducted every night with a disinfectant spray to maintain good hygiene standards.

  7. Requiring staff to submit health declaration forms and conduct temperature checks before work: Hygiene guidelines for shopping malls have been drawn up and strictly adhered to. They require mall staff, contractors and other workers to submit health declaration forms and conduct temperature checks before work, and to wear face masks at work.

  8. Assisting tenants to strengthen in-store infection prevention measures: SHKP has been actively working with tenants to strengthen in-store infection prevention measures, including assisting tenants to clean and disinfect the air-conditioning outlets in their stores. Tenants are also encouraged to provide customers with hand sanitizers and temperature screening services.

SHKP will continue to closely monitor the latest developments of the coronavirus epidemic, and will regularly review and, if needed, further enhance sanitation and anti-epidemic measures.

SHKP 2019/20 Interim Results
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Underlying Profit
HK$ 13,422 million
(2019/20 Interim Results)
Hong Kong Land Bank
58.9 million square feet
Mainland Land Bank
69.7 million square feet
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12 million square feet
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10 million square feet
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Community Investment and Charity
Community Investment and Charity
Our Environmental Commitment
Employee Care
Loving Home and Domestic Harmony
Community Investment and Charity
Community Investment and Charity
Our Environmental Commitment
Our Environmental Commitment
Employee Care
Employee Care
Loving Home and Domestic Harmony
Loving Home and Domestic Harmony