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Sun Hung Kai Properties wins tender for Guangzhou South Railway Station project
To transform the country’s busiest High Speed Rail station into an integrated landmark, offering excellent station–city integration


Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (SHKP) announced that it won the bid for sites adjacent to the Guangzhou South Railway Station (GZSS). This marks yet another major transit-oriented integrated landmark project in the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) (to be) developed by SHKP, following the High Speed Rail West Kowloon Station project in Hong Kong.

The Guangzhou South Railway Station is the country’s busiest High Speed Rail station, with an average daily passenger flow of over 500,000. Its annual arrivals and departures totalled 188 million passengers in 2019, which was about 30% more than the second-busiest High Speed Rail station. Sitting at the two ends of the Guangzhou–Shenzhen–Hong Kong Express Rail Link, the Group’s Guangzhou South Railway Station project and the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station project will benefit from their synergy, helping Hong Kong achieve quicker and more effective integration into the overall development of both the GBA and the country.

SHKP Executive Director Adam Kwok, who is in charge of the Group’s GBA projects (including the Guangzhou South Railway Station project), said, “The National 14th Five-Year Plan calls for proactively and progressively taking forward the development of the GBA. SHKP has full confidence in the prospects of the GBA and has been actively seeking suitable projects for investment. We are proud to participate again in developing another high-quality project in the area. As the Intercity Rail Plan of the Greater Bay Area gains traction, the Group will make its best efforts to transform the country’s busiest High Speed Rail Station into a world-class integrated landmark for living, working and travelling in GBA. By creating a ‘Guangzhou South Railway Station New Town’, we hope to attract more young people from Hong Kong and Macao to study, work, start businesses and reside in the mainland, while promoting extensive exchanges among the young people of the three places.”

The sites were acquired for RMB7,082 million. The project will provide a one-stop destination for business, living and travel, with the master plan concept of “commercial on the east side and transport on the west side”, offering office towers, a shopping mall, hotel and residential units, serviced apartments, and public transport facilities. The project will feature convenient walkways and transport interchange spaces, seamlessly linking the office towers and the mall to the Guangzhou South Railway Station to meet the needs of business professionals, residents and tourists.

SHKP aims to attract leading corporations to set up their GBA headquarters in this development, facilitating the transformation of the district into a hub for modern service industries and emerging industries. To this end, the project will adopt flexible and balanced strategies for leasing and sale arrangement, providing an estimated saleable floor area of about 5.3 million square feet (including office towers and residences); the remaining approximately four million square feet, comprising a shopping mall, a hotel and a portion of the office towers, will be held by SHKP over the long term. The project is scheduled for completion in phases starting in 2025.

The Guangzhou South Railway Station has a prime location in the heart of the ‘9+2’ city cluster. As the Intercity Rail Plan of the Greater Bay Area picks up its pace, the Guangzhou South Railway Station is set to become an integrated station–city transport hub, connected to four High Speed Rail lines, three intercity rail lines and four metro lines, as well as long-distance coaches, buses, and other transport means after full completion. It will offer convenient access to GBA cities and the rest of the country. 

Benefitting from excellent connectivity, the Guangzhou South Railway Station Business District has accelerated its development. A modern industrial system is taking shape, led by modern service industries, supported by emerging industries (next-generation information technology, artificial intelligence and biomedicine), and featuring culture, sports and tourism.

SHKP has decades of experience in developing large transit-oriented integrated projects. In Hong Kong, the Victoria Harbour Gateway, comprising the International Finance Centre (IFC) and the International Commerce Centre (ICC), has become an internationally renowned business hub; and in Guangzhou, Tianhui Plaza and Parc Central are also key landmarks. With its successful experience in implementing Transit-Oriented Developments (TOD) over the years, SHKP is confident that it will help unlock the immense potential of the Guangzhou South Railway Station project and provide new impetus to the GBA, creating excellent urban engine with station–city and industry–city integration.

SHKP Reading Club ‘returns to school’ delivering a seamless online-to-offline happy reading experience


The SHKP Reading Club, under Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP), has provided continuous reading and sharing opportunities amid the pandemic while keeping up its efforts to promote reading on campus. In addition to flexibly arranging live webcasts, the SHKP Reading Club is once again organizing outreach activities, as schools in Hong Kong gradually resume face-to-face classes in phases. Many teachers expressed their delight at finally being able to hold reading activities during the pandemic.

For seven consecutive years, the SHKP Reading Club’s Read & Share programme has provided annual school-based support for teachers to promote reading through a diverse range of formats and activities. During this academic year, the programme has focused on offering reading promotion sponsorships and organizing school outreach activities. The former has enabled 31 primary and secondary schools, which proposed the best reading promotion ideas, to put their plans into practice with a maximum sponsorship of HK$30,000. 

This academic year, the school outreach activities of the SHKP Reading Club have been held in the form of dramas and board games, spreading the fun of reading in 25 secondary schools. For example, the LIVE THEATRE troupe was invited to put the sci-fi love story Welcome to Your Next Life, written by famous author Zita Law, on the school stage. The actors included TV artist Kelvin Yuen, online celebrity Melody Ma, and ‘Good Night Show – King Maker’ contestant Kento To, and the show was hosted by artist Gracey Fok. They put on a great performance, which helped the students become quickly immersed in the story. After each segment of the performance, the actors and author participated in discussions and guided the students to reflect on the messages of the story from the characters’ perspectives, including how to build self-confidence and cultivate inner beauty. They also shared how reading sparked their creativity and inspired them. Students who stayed home amid the pandemic were able to enjoy the drama remotely via Zoom, with as many as 500 students watching the live webcast at the same time. The teachers even played a part as DJs to stir up the atmosphere, enjoying a pleasant, one-hour reading experience with the students.

The SHKP Reading Club’s Read & Share programme recently staged Welcome to Your Next Life at Chan Shu Kui Memorial School. School Librarian Ms Miranda Wong was pleased that the activity offered her students a chance to watch a drama on campus, learn how to appreciate different works, and physically participate in discussions in an interactive session which is rare during the pandemic.

In addition to offline activities, the SHKP Reading Club’s online reading platform, ‘Read For More’, produces inspiring, down-to-earth multimedia content to introduce a wide range of books and interview various celebrities, such as singer-songwriter Panther Chan and television Best Actress Natalie Tong, to show their literary affinity. This helps extend the students’ reading experience from offline activities to the online platform, unaffected by the pandemic and class suspension. Students can also become ‘Read For More’ contributors by sharing their reading experiences in the form of articles or audio clips of book excerpts, inspiring more people to develop a passion for reading.

The SHKP Reading Club has collaborated with the Hong Kong Aided Primary School Heads Association (HKAPSHA) to organize the Read & Share programme since 2014, with over 250 primary and secondary schools taking part in it so far. All schools in Hong Kong are welcome to join the Read & Share programme and enjoy the activities free of charge.

About the SHKP Reading Club

SHKP believes in Building Homes with Heart while promoting reading and holistic development. The Group established the SHKP Reading Club in 2013 to consolidate its reading-related initiatives, such as seminars by renowned speakers and guided cultural tours, to inspire more people to enjoy reading and make it a habit. Those interested in becoming members are welcome to register for free at:

SHKP supports Earth Hour for the 13th consecutive year with over 310 properties taking part to conserve energy and protect the environment


Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (SHKP) promotes healthy and sustainable living. This year, SHKP participated in Earth Hour, a worldwide lights-off campaign organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), for the 13th consecutive year and is one of the corporations with the largest number of buildings participating in the campaign in Hong Kong. SHKP mobilized over 310 commercial and industrial buildings, shopping malls and residential estates it owns or manages to switch off non-essential lights for an hour on the evening of 27 March, putting energy conservation and environmental protection into practice.

The participating buildings spanned various districts and included the following:

  • Sun Hung Kai Centre, SHKP headquarters: Since 2005, Sun Hung Kai Centre has achieved an aggregate energy consumption reduction of over 46 million kWh, equivalent to about 37,000 tonnes of carbon emissions, by adopting a variety of energy-conservation measures. In 2019 and 2020, the building achieved the ‘Excellent’ rating in the Selective Scheme of BEAM Plus Existing Buildings V2.0, organized by the Hong Kong Green Building Council.
  • The International Commerce Centre (ICC), Hong Kong’s tallest skyscraper: ICC was the first building in the city to obtain the BEAM Plus Existing Buildings V2.0 Platinum Certificate. Last year, it obtained the highest honour under BREEAM In-Use, a green building assessment method by the British Research Establishment (BRE), and became the first building in Hong Kong certified by BREEAM. ICC is thus among the top 3% of green buildings in the world.
  • Uptown Plaza, winner of the Gold Award, Property Management (Commercial & Industrial), 2019 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence; and YOHO Midtown, winner of the Silver Award, Property Management (Residential), 2019 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence

On the mainland, the Group’s large-scale integrated landmarks, such as Shanghai IFC, Shanghai ICC, ITC and Nanjing IFC, as well as flagship malls and residential projects in Beijing and Guangzhou took part in the event.

In addition to developing premium properties and providing excellent services, SHKP puts into practice its belief in Building Homes with Heart by actively fulfilling its social responsibilities while giving back to the community.

To encourage the general public to participate in nature protection, the Group has worked together with Green Power for 10 straight years to implement the SHKP Love Nature Campaign. The campaign combines elements such as education, nature appreciation and outdoor exploration to help kindergarten and primary school students develop environmental awareness. To date, over 56,000 kg of waste and recyclables have been collected, and more than 60 school visits for kindergarten and primary school students have been conducted. During class suspension because of the pandemic, the SHKP Love Nature Campaign produced online interactive educational videos and materials on nature ecology for students to continue to learn at home.

For details about SHKP’s initiatives and events to promote sustainable development, please view its latest Sustainability Report by visiting the Group’s website (

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Our Environmental Commitment
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Community Investment and Charity
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Our Environmental Commitment
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