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SHKP-Kwoks’ Foundation meets with representatives of various universities


SHKP Executive Director Christopher Kwok hosts book sharing session to spread the joy of reading in Sham Shui Po school


Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (SHKP) has been promoting a love for reading among young people through its SHKP Reading Club. The Group has also introduced STEM and Chinese culture as key themes to enrich the reading experience and inspire innovation. Recently, SHKP Executive Director Christopher Kwok visited the Shamshuipo Kaifong Welfare Association Primary School as one of the SHKP Reading Club activities. He shared his reading journey and recommended books on STEM and Chinese culture to over 70 senior primary students.

Mr Kwok said that SHKP sponsored 2,000 students to visit this year’s Hong Kong Book Fair and buy books on STEM and Chinese culture. Among them, 800 children were from Sham Shui Po or other less affluent districts. He was glad to have a chance to listen to the students’ opinions on the books. He hoped that the students would explore more about Hong Kong and the mainland through reading, and gain a deeper understanding of the rich Chinese culture and history, as well as general science.

Also attending the sharing session were Paul Wong, Sham Shui Po District Officer, and Lam Tak-hing, Chairman of Sham Shui Po Residents Association. 

Paul Wong said: “We can find almost any information we need on the Internet these days.  But there is still nothing like reading a physical book.  Many people try to find an answer to the questions they have in mind by consulting a book.  Yet each time you open a book, there are new problems, perspectives and information.  And you develop new curiosities and get new puzzles. This is actually what is fun about reading and what will drive our kids to explore a new world.”

Mr Kwok added: “No matter how busy I am at work, I will manage my time properly and allocate time for reading every day to broaden my horizons.”

Through its Read to Dream programme, the Group has encouraged young people to cultivate a love of reading and make it a habit. Since its inception, the programme has benefitted more than 30,000 primary and secondary school students. In support of the Group’s I&T business development and the government’s promotion of I&T education, the programme has organized STEM activities in recent years to help unleash potential of the young generation. 

In July, the Group collaborated with its long-term partner the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to sponsor 2,000 students to visit the Hong Kong Book Fair. It also worked with Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers, the North District Primary School Headmasters Conference and the Sham Shui Po Residents Association to arrange for 800 underprivileged students to buy Chinese culture and STEM books at the fair. Many of them bought their favourite books.

SHKP’s The Point and Hong Chi Association join forces for The Beauty of Nature Drawing Contest
2,000 members redeem bonus points for worthy causes in a few months


Sun Hung Kai Properties’ (SHKP) integrated loyalty programme for SHKP malls, The Point, in partnership with the Hong Chi Association, successfully concluded the Beauty of Nature Drawing Contest. The culminating event took place today at YOHO Mall where an award presentation ceremony was held. Among the guests of honour who presented the 26 prizes were SHKP Executive Director Christopher Kwok and Hong Chi Association Communications and Fund Raising Committee Chairman Michelle Lam. 

SHKP Executive Director Christopher Kwok said: “With a strong commitment to the environment, SHKP and Green Power launched the SHKP Love Nature Campaign back in 2011. As part of this campaign, we introduced Nature Rescue, the first terrestrial and coastal clean-up mobile app in Hong Kong. Last year, Nature Rescue collaborated with The Point to introduce a reward programme, which allows The Point members to earn bonus points by participating in clean-up activities initiated through the app.”

Mr Kwok further explained: “The collaboration between The Point and Nature Rescue is a perfect fit, as it promotes charitable causes while providing incentives to app users. The Point members can convert their bonus points into donations for charities while Nature Rescue offers a platform to earn more bonus points through green missions.”

He added: “The Beauty of Nature Drawing Contest exemplifies SHKP’s dedication to green concepts and ESG issues.” He had personally viewed some of the winning entries and appreciated the students’ thoughts and creativity. He noted the response to the contest was overwhelming, with more than 200 entries from students of 14 primary and secondary schools operated under Hong Chi Association. The themes of the contest were “My Favourite Natural Environment" and "My Favourite Animal”. The winning works were selected by The Point members from a shortlist on The Point Facebook page. The prizes were valued at over HK$20,000.

Michelle Lam, Communications and Fund Raising Committee Chairman of Hong Chi Association, expressed gratitude to The Point for co-organizing the drawing contest with Hong Chi Association. She said: “Despite the students’ inherent challenges, their determination and dedication are no different from that of their peers.” She said the drawing contest allowed the primary and secondary students to showcase their creativity and artistic talents. Displaying the winning works and transforming them into redeemable gifts symbolized recognition and support for the students. These arrangements not only provided an opportunity for the public to appreciate the creativity and abilities of children with intellectual disabilities but also contributed to their integration into the community.

In July, Nature Rescue organized the first beach clean-up activity for Hong Chi Association. After teaching Hong Chi students how to identify recyclables through games, Nature Rescue volunteers teamed up with them to collect waste and recyclables at a beach in Shek O. All of them showed great enthusiasm for protecting the environment.

This year marks a significant milestone for The Point, which was launched more than four years ago, as it now enables its bonus points to be used to support worthy social causes. Since late April, members can donate bonus points to The Point’s four charity partners, namely Hong Chi Association, End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation, Médecins Sans Frontières, and Society for Abandoned Animals Limited. Over the past five months, more than 2,000 members have made donations, reflecting the love and care of Hong Kong people.  

In the future, The Point aims to collaborate with more charities, leveraging the redemption of bonus points to further support worthy causes. From today until 19 October, all the winning entries of the drawing contest will be displayed at YOHO MALL. SHKP has printed the two first-prize drawings on gifts exclusively for The Point members, which can be redeemed through The Point app. After deducting costs, the proceeds, plus The Point’s extra donation, will be passed on to Hong Chi Association, showcasing the united effort of The Point and its members in supporting Hong Chi students.  

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Community Investment and Charity
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Our Environmental Commitment
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Employee Care
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Loving Home and Domestic Harmony