Our Values

Building Homes with Heart

Sun Hung Kai Properties puts into practice its long-standing belief in Building Homes with Heart by developing residences of the finest quality and offering first-class service to its customers. The Group also pioneered large-scale integrated commercial projects, catering to social development needs while establishing a premium brand. In addition, SHKP actively fulfills its corporate social responsibilities by promoting sports for charity, reading among youths, caring for the underprivileged and nurturing talents while giving back to society through sustainable developments for the betterment of our cities.

Over time, we have also introduced new ideas and concepts into our corporate culture at different stages to steer the Group forward.


Quality, Speed, Efficiency

Ever since the Group's founding, the corporate culture of Quality, Speed, Efficiency has been ingrained into our management model that is vertically integrated from planning, material sourcing and construction all the way through to project monitoring, sales and property management. This ensures that top-quality products and services are produced within the shortest feasible time and with the most efficient use of resources.


Continuous Improvement 

Keeping up with the times and latest market trends, the Group has introduced innovative technologies and ideas to enhance overall working efficiency and service quality. The Group also encourages life-long learning through a diverse range of training programmes that cater for business growth while providing staff with opportunities to fully realize their expertise and abilities.



With a focus on team spirit, the Group nurtures a pool of high-calibre professionals by facilitating knowledge and experience exchanges among staff from different departments as well as unlocking their potential.


Customer First 

By constantly innovating, the Group anticipates customer's needs and offers quality products and attentive services that exceed expectations. For example, we are the pioneering developer in Hong Kong that provides warranty services for newly completed homes.