Our Environmental Commitment

In keeping with our Building Homes with Heart philosophy, the Group incorporates sustainable practices in all management and operations to create a superior template for current and future generations to follow. 


Environmental Policy

Sun Hung Kai Properties is fully committed to environmental protection by constantly managing and reducing the environmental impact of our operations. We provide guidance to our employees and other stakeholders to act in an environmentally responsible manner through reference to this Policy.


Green Building and Management

The Group was the first developer in Hong Kong to put green construction and management into practices. We aim for sustainable development in planning, design, materials sourcing and landscaping to save energy, reduce waste and create a better environment.

Many of our offices and residential developments have top Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method (BEAM) or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) ratings in recognition of our high standards for green buildings. 

Green management initiatives are also applied through our property management subsidiaries. ISO 14001 Environmental Management System has been accredited across our property management portfolio and construction sites. They help promote green awareness among residents, tenants and contractors and encourage everyone to adopt various green conservation measures.

The Group aims to achieve the LEED certification for all its new investment properties. In particular, we target to obtain LEED Gold or Platinum ratings for its core commercial projects under development.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management

To mitigate climate change, the Group pledges to minimize the carbon footprint of its buildings and operations. We have been a signatory of the Carbon Reduction Charter and a Carbon Audit • Green Partner of the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department. Since 2008, we have been conducting voluntary carbon audits for the Group’s properties. Along our carbon reduction journey, we have implemented various emission reduction plans, and reported the carbon reduction progress in the Group’s Sustainability Report. 


To support the reduction of carbon emissions to mitigate climate change, the Group is  committed to reducing the Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity of its EOC-monitored buildings* by 25% by 2029/30, against 2019/20 as the base year. 


Energy Management

The Group strives to reduce energy consumption and enhance building energy efficiency with the HEART approach (Hardware, Engagement, Adaption, Real-time data and Target). To contribute to energy reduction target set out in the Government’s Energy Saving Plan, we have been signatories of the Energy Saving Charter and the 4T (Timeline, Targets, Together, Transparency) Charter of the Hong Kong Environment Bureau and the Electrical and Mechanical Service Department since 2017.


In the 2019/20 fiscal year, we accomplished the Group’s five-year energy reduction target of reducing the electricity consumption intensity of its EOC-monitored buildings* by 10% from the 2014/15 level. The Group is committed to further reducing the electricity consumption intensity of its EOC-monitored buildings* by 13% by 2029/30, against 2019/20 as the base year. 


Water Management 

The Group recognizes that clean fresh water is a precious natural resource and that climate change has presented mankind with the grave challenge of water shortages. Although most of our business operations are not water intensive, we aim to continuously improve our water management practices and foster water conservation awareness across all business units. In addition to implementing internal water conservation measures, our properties support external water conservation initiatives, including the ‘Let’s Save 10 L Water 2.0’ campaign of the Water Supplies Department. We will continue to share best practices on water management among buildings managed by the Group.


The Group is committed to reducing the water use intensity of its EOC-monitored buildings* by 5% by 2029/30, against 2019/20 as the base year.


Waste Management

To support the ‘Hong Kong Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources 2013–2022’ and other external waste management plans, and to achieve sustainable waste management across its operations, we adhere to a three-tier approach that prioritizes waste avoidance over waste reduction and recovery. We apply Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Precast Units to streamline on-site construction processes, enhance productivity and quality management, and avoid waste generation due to abortive work. We also strive to minimize wastage of materials by purchasing materials in the appropriate quantity and size, reducing errors during construction, and adopting innovative construction methods.


Recognizing that construction waste is one of our major sources of waste, the Group avoids sending construction waste directly to landfills and is committed to achieving an annual diversion rate of at least 70% of construction waste in Hong Kong construction projects within our reporting scope to minimize construction waste that needs to be sent to landfills.


*EOC-monitored buildings are SHKP’s major investment properties in Hong Kong managed by the Energy Optimization Committee (EOC).