Our Environmental Commitment

In keeping with our Building Homes with Heart philosophy, the Group incorporates sustainable practices in all management and operations to create a superior template for current and future generations to follow. 


Environmental Policy

Sun Hung Kai Properties is fully committed to environmental protection by constantly managing and reducing the environmental impact of our operations. We provide guidance to our employees and other stakeholders to act in an environmentally responsible manner through reference to this Policy.

This Policy is applicable to Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited and its subsidiaries (collectively: the Group). All operations are expected to abide by the Policy to continuously improve the Group’s environmental performance. The policy covers the following areas:


  • Meet or exceed all applicable legal requirements and environmental standards in the respective jurisdictions of our operations
  • Maintain and keep our environmental policies and management systems up to date

Sustainable buildings and operations

  • Promote the use of environmentally friendly materials, technologies and practices in project design and construction, and in the operation and maintenance of buildings 
  • Obtain green building labels or other sustainable building certification for our projects where applicable
  • Avoid contributing to air, water and waste pollution, and make every possible effort to prevent environmental accidents

Use of resources

  • Improve energy efficiency and explore the potential of adopting renewable energy
  • Conserve water and improve water efficiency
  • Encourage the efficient use of materials to minimize waste generation


  • Avoid any development in World Heritage areas or International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Category I-IV protected areas without government approval, if necessary, before developing projects
  • Protect the surrounding biodiversity and minimize natural habitat disturbance during all operations
  • Support and work with NGOs to promote awareness of biodiversity conservation among stakeholders

Climate change and carbon management

  • Monitor and minimize greenhouse gas emissions along our value chain
  • Consider the impact of climate change on our business and operations when making decisions
  • Maintain an effective crisis management process (with the involvement of a Deputy Managing Director) to anticipate, prevent, forestall and respond to climate-change-related emergencies

Engagement with stakeholders

  • Promote environmental awareness among employees, suppliers, contractors, tenants, customers and the public 
  • Collaborate with stakeholders in the promotion and implementation of environmental best practices
  • Prioritize suppliers and contractors with environmentally sound practices and management

Monitoring and reporting

  • Establish, monitor and review environmental targets for continuous improvement
  • Assess and report on material environmental performance on an annual basis
  • Review this policy by the Sustainability Steering Committee periodically as appropriate

If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version will prevail.


Green Building and Management

The Group was the first developer in Hong Kong to put green construction and management into practices. We aim for sustainable development in planning, design, materials sourcing and landscaping to save energy, reduce waste and create a better environment.

Many of our offices and residential developments have top Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method (BEAM) or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rankings in recognition of our high standards for green buildings. 

Green management initiatives are also applied through our property management subsidiaries. ISO 14001 Environmental Management System has been accredited across our property management portfolio and construction sites. They too help promote green awareness among residents, tenants and contractors and encourage everyone to adopt various green conservation measures.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management and Energy Saving 

The Group pledges to minimize the carbon footprint of our buildings and operations. To this end, we have endorsed the Carbon Reduction Charter proposed by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, and we are a Carbon Audit – Green Partner. We manage our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through disclosing our GHG emissions data in the Group’s sustainability report, conducting carbon audits and carrying out various programmes in support of GHG reduction.

We strive to reduce energy consumption and enhance building energy efficiency with the HEART approach (Hardware, Engagement, Adaption, Real-time data and Target). To contribute to energy reduction target set out in the Government’s Energy Saving Plan, we have been signatories of the Energy Saving Charter and 4Ts (Timeline, Targets, Together, Transparency) Charter jointly established by the Hong Kong Environmental Bureau and Electrical and Mechanical Service Department since 2017.