Employee Care

Developing People

We provide various training programmes for staff at all levels each year. Topics include leadership skills, communication, business strategy, mainland affairs, customer service, languages, personal development and technical skills training.

Our management trainee programmes recruit high-calibre graduates from leading local, mainland and overseas universities and provide them with opportunities to develop their careers.

Senior managers can attend programmes at prestigious overseas universities to develop global perspectives while managerial staff attend seminars on leadership skills and business strategy conducted by Nobel laureates, leading industry experts and overseas academics.


Work-life Balance and Well-being

To help our staff achieve a better work-life balance, we provide a variety of activities. We encourage our staff to strike a balance between work and personal life and extend it to their families. Some of these activities are open to employees’ family members as well.

We also have a ‘Hearty Hotline’ to provide staff with access to professional social workers, psychologists and counsellors. These services offer 24-hour counselling and emotional support as well as health advice. Information on life and work quality improvement is distributed as well through our intranet.