Care for the Underprivileged

The Group believes in good corporate citizenship and contributes to society by sponsoring a wide range of charitable and educational projects in Hong Kong and on the mainland. Our multifaceted efforts to work for a harmonious community have earned us the ‘Caring Company’ designation from the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for many years in a row, and our long-term support for the underprivileged have earned us the Community Chest President's and Top Donor Awards.


Building Homes with Heart Caring Initiative

The Group's Building Homes with Heart Caring Initiative provides timely, immediate assistance to families in difficulties as a result of accidents or natural disasters and involves SHKP volunteers using their professional skills to do basic repairs and maintenance for the disadvantaged. The Group, along with the government and non-profit organizations, stage festive events for the underprivileged, such as preparing Poon Choi lunches during the Lunar New Year for the elderly, delivering rice dumplings to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, and mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Social Inclusion for the Underprivileged – tours of Sky100 and Noah's Ark

This complimentary initiative aims to broaden the horizons of the physically challenged and facilitates their integration into society as well as promoting social inclusion throughout the community.


The Group is keen supporters of volunteering and we believe that it is an effective way to connect and give back to the community. Our volunteer team, which was formed in 2003, has contributed over a million hours of service so far. We help a cross-section of society and promote healthy growth among disadvantaged young people and children, including the formation of a junior ‘Sunshine Team’ to encourage volunteering among youngsters. 

Donations and giving

The Group supports community development through donations and giving. In 2016, we donated a piece of land in Yuen Long for the development of Hong Kong’s first purpose-built, integrated social service facility that will include a youth hostel, elderly home and special-needs childcare centre in order to promote inter-generational interaction and social harmony.  The Group also has been donating regularly to other charitable organisations throughout the years in support of worthy causes.