200 SHKP volunteers collect 1,100 kg of waste at Nature Rescue's Lung Kwu Tan clean-up activity in Tuen Mun

200 SHKP volunteers collect 1,100 kg of waste at Nature Rescue's Lung Kwu Tan clean-up activity in Tuen Mun

About 200 SHKP volunteers collect over 1,100 kg of waste and recyclables at Lung Kwu Tan in Tuen Mun Download Button
About 200 SHKP volunteers collect over 1,100 kg of waste and recyclables at Lung Kwu Tan in Tuen Mun

Adhering to its belief in Building Homes with Heart, Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (SHKP) is committed to promoting healthy and sustainable living while encouraging the public to care for nature. Through the mobile app Nature Rescue, the SHKP Volunteer Team recruited about 200 volunteers to participate in a Lung Kwu Tan clean-up activity in Tuen Mun. Led by Green Power, the participants collected over 1,100 kg of waste and recyclables.

Nature Rescue, a free mobile app jointly launched by SHKP and Green Power, is an information and social networking platform that enables the public to report refuse deposit blackspots, and initiate and participate in clean-up activities. The mobile app features useful information and platforms, such as a chatroom, so that users can easily connect with one another and contribute to nature protection efforts. Members of the public can download the Nature Rescue mobile app with their iPhone or Android mobile devices anytime.

SHKP Executive Director Christopher Kwok said, "Since its launch last summer, Nature Rescue has facilitated about 70 clean-up activities initiated by the public, with over 8,000 kg of waste and recyclables collected. SHKP hopes to engage the wider community, especially young people, with Nature Rescue to contribute to nature preservation."

The waters off Lung Kwu Tan in Tuen Mun are a natural habitat of the Chinese white dolphins. However, along with marine pollution and busy marine traffic, the tide always washes waste from the beach into the ocean, causing a severe threat to the health and life of the Chinese white dolphins. The clean-up activity has restored a clean beach for the public and helped protect the precious Chinese white dolphins.

Esther, an SHKP volunteer, took her daughter, Katy, to participate in the clean-up. She said, "This is the third time I've participated in a Nature Rescue clean-up activity. I'm glad this platform has gathered like-minded people and boosted the efficiency of clean-up activities by providing useful information."

SHKP and Green Power jointly launched the SHKP Love Nature Campaign in 2011, which combines elements such as education, nature appreciation and outdoor exploration to encourage the public, and younger generation in particular, to care for nature as well as to deepen students' and local citizens' understanding of the environment through activities including eco-tours and beach clean-ups. The Campaign has organized clean-up actions that have so far collected over 50,000 kg of waste and recyclables. It has also conducted more than 60 visits to kindergartens and primary schools and eco-tours. Last year, SHKP and Green Power furthered their cause by launching Hong Kong's first free countryside and beach clean-up mobile app Nature Rescue, an information and social networking platform, in the hope of mobilizing even more members of the public to participate in nature protection activities.

About Sun Hung Kai Properties

SHKP is committed to developing premium properties and offering customers ideal homes with top-notch service.  The Company believes in Building Homes with Heart and contributes to the community to make it a better place for everyone.  SHKP lives up to its corporate social responsibility by leveraging resources and networks to advocate reading and holistic development, healthy and sustainable living, and care for the underprivileged.  SHKP has been included in the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index Series since 2010.  

Over the past four decades, the management team has led and encourages staff to help those in need and give back to society with professional knowledge and skills.  The company also engages stakeholders to strive to garner and produce positive energy in the community.

About Green Power

Green Power was founded in 1988 by a group of dedicated Hong Kong volunteers with a focus on local environmental affairs.  It primarily promotes environmental education as it believes education is the ultimate means of transforming thinking and behaviour, especially members of the next generation.  Green Power established Hong Kong’s first Green School Network for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in 2001 to provide free environmental education support to teachers and students.  To date, more than 60% of schools in Hong Kong are members of the Network. 

Green Power is concerned about other environmental issues as well, including waste reduction, global warming, ecological conservation and environmental monitoring.  Through different community and educational activities, it encourages people across the community to contribute and work together to protect the environment.

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