SmarTone and Kai Shing spearhead NB-IoT enabled smart property management solution at Hong Kong's tallest landmark ICC

SmarTone and Kai Shing spearhead NB-IoT enabled smart property management solution at Hong Kong's tallest landmark ICC

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(From left) Irene Wai, General Manager (Property Management) of Kai Shing, Stephen Chau, CTO of SmarTone and Patrick Lam, Director of Kai Shing

SmarTone and Kai Shing Management Services Limited (“Kai Shing”) jointly announce today the introduction of a Narrowband Internet-of-Things (NB-IoT) enabled smart property management solution at International Commerce Centre (ICC), bringing property management service level to new heights in this tallest landmark in Hong Kong. 

SmarTone delivers its state-of-the-art mobile digitalisation platform, SmarTeam, to help ICC embark upon its property management digitalisation journey. Integrating and provisioning a grid of NB-IoT-enabled sensors – including water leakage, door, air quality and lighting control – in back-of-house and controlled areas, ICC achieves end-to-end digital control and enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of its property management. The customised total solution allows big data analytics to bring the elements of Smart Building, embracing environmental friendly user experience, to tenants at ICC, while paves their way to reshape the code of practice for the next generation. 

“SmarTone is proud to deploy this trailblazing NB-IoT-enabled next-generation property management solution, empowering ICC to attain the highest standard of operations and safety practice. With the quality NB-IoT network and best-of-breed technology, our team of domain-specific ICT professionals is committed to catering for enterprises’ business needs through innovative and customer-centric ICT solutions,” said Mr Stephen Chau, CTO of SmarTone. 

Mr Patrick Lam, Director of Kai Shing, said “This innovative ICT application at ICC speaks volume to Kai Shing’s ongoing dedication and continuous drive to notch up efficiency and quality customer services leveraging cutting-edge technologies." 

SmarTone will continue to collaborate with ICC in implementing SmarTone’s mobile-first property management solution in the premises to realise their vision of smart and eco-friendly property management. SmarTone will also utilise its powerful NB-IoT ready network to keep at the forefront of the latest technologies and will continue to invest in developing these technologies for commercial applications across different industries, including property management, construction, healthcare, event management and smart city development. 

“The property and facility management team of ICC attaches great importance to the energy efficiency of the building as well as wellbeing of our tenants. With the help of NB-IoT sensors and big data analytical technology, the team will closely monitor air quality, lighting and temperature levels while maintain them at optimal levels at this tallest green building in Hong Kong. This system sets a new industry standard in smart and eco-friendly property management in Hong Kong, and would achieve or even exceed the energy-saving target set by the Government for commercial buildings. In the coming months, this new NB-IoT technology will be adopted in other properties managed by Kai Shing and we think it will raise the management efficiency further and bring a higher value to those properties,” Mr Lam added. 

SmarTone’s CTO Mr Chau added, “The commercial applications of NB-IoT technology are limitless. SmarTone will continue to work with strategic partners to explore the application of other emerging technologies to advance digitalisation across industries and forge an innovative path for 5G development in Hong Kong, providing our full support to the city’s aspirations to be a smart city.” 

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