SHKP supports national development and economic recovery Keeping with its belief in Building Homes with Heart

SHKP supports national development and economic recovery
Keeping with its belief in Building Homes with Heart


Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (SHKP) today announced its 2020/21 annual results.

During the year under review, some of the Group’s businesses continued to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and cross-border travel restrictions, but the overall results remained stable.  With the strong support of the country, Hong Kong now has a stable social and business environment. Together with the easing of the pandemic, a robust mainland economy and sustained recovery of Hong Kong’s economy, the Group will have a promising future.

SHKP is confident about the future of Hong Kong. The National 14th Five-Year Plan clearly supports Hong Kong in enhancing its status as an international financial, transportation and trade centre, and developing into an international innovation and technology hub. Under ‘One Country, Two Systems’, Hong Kong is well positioned to seize the opportunities in the Greater Bay Area and integrate into the ‘dual-circulation’ development paradigm of the country. 

The Group continues to invest in Hong Kong and major mainland cities.  During the year, SHKP increased its land bank in Hong Kong through different channels, including proactively converting agricultural land into buildable sites.  The Group also worked to expedite the construction of various quality residential projects to help alleviate the housing shortage in Hong Kong.  Earlier this year, SHKP acquired sites adjacent to the Guangzhou South Railway Station, which is the busiest high-speed railway station in the country. The project will be developed into another landmark transit-oriented development, creating synergy with the Group’s other projects along the high speed rail, including the one atop the West Kowloon Terminus in Hong Kong. 

The Group promotes and adopts the latest technologies in different businesses to enhance the quality of its products, boost operating efficiency and provide a better experience to customers, tenants and residents.  In addition to building its 5G digital infrastructure, the Group has launched the city’s first 5G Lab at the Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck at ICC. The 5G Lab will raise public understanding of the 5G technology and its applications in enhancing business operation and quality of life.

The Group also works hard to fulfil its Environmental, Social and Governance commitments. Its residential projects will be developed into cross-generational communities with a wide range of facilities to meet different age groups’ needs for living, work, shopping and recreation. Wetland Seasons Park, which is adjacent to the Hong Kong Wetland Park, for example, has fully demonstrated the Group’s success in striking a balance between development and environmental conservation.  The Group also makes every effort to integrate the concepts of green building and wellness into its office buildings and retail premises, offering unique work and shopping experience in tune with the new era.  Moreover, the Group has leased out a parcel of land at a nominal rent for building United Court, a major transitional housing project in Yuen Long.  This project supports the Government’s effort to provide suitable temporary housing for underprivileged families long awaiting public housing.  Construction work for United Court has started. Upon its scheduled completion in 2022, it will house 1,800 grassroots families.

The Group is confident that, with different sectors joining forces to fight the pandemic, Hong Kong will eventually fully recover from the coronavirus crisis.  With a wealth of knowledge and experience, strong financial position as well as a well-recognized premium brand, SHKP will capitalize on present and future opportunities, and help Hong Kong integrate into the development of the country, enhancing the value for shareholders and other stakeholders alike.

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