Nature Rescue x The Point A fashionable green experience to earn bonus points for consumption privileges

Nature Rescue x The Point         
A fashionable green experience to earn bonus points for consumption privileges

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Nature Rescue joins hands with The Point to launch a reward programme, allowing users to enjoy an unconventional green experience
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Kids participate in a clean-up activity organized by Nature Rescue to help conserve the habitats of horseshoe crabs
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A pop-up zone at an SHKP mall to attract more people to join the Nature Rescue team

Hiking trails and country parks are popular spots for Hong Kong people to spend their holidays. The city’s first terrestrial and coastal clean-up app, Nature Rescue, has collaborated with The Point, an integrated shopping mall loyalty programme, to introduce a reward programme to rally more people to protect the Earth by cleaning up trails and beaches. People who report rubbish blackspots, initiate clean-ups or participate in such activities will earn The Point bonus points, which are accepted by more than 2,000 merchants at 25 shopping malls of Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP). The initiative helps promote an unconventional kind of green consumption, which is a blend of leisure and entertainment, healthy living and environmental protection, in everyday life.     

SHKP Executive Director Christopher Kwok said: “True to our belief in Building Homes with Heart, SHKP not only values sustainability in our businesses but also encourages the public to build a greener Hong Kong. Through The Point, an anchor mobile platform for our shopping malls customers, we integrate technology into everyday life. Now we extend The Point beyond leisure and entertainment to environmental conservation, appealing to the younger generation who cherish a green life.”

Nature Rescue, established in 2018, is the first free terrestrial and coastal clean-up mobile app in Hong Kong. It allows users to initiate clean-ups, take part in such events or report rubbish blackspots. It also provides information about the city’s ecology. Since its launch, Nature Rescue has helped stage more than 110 clean-ups, collecting over 12 tonnes of waste with a participation of more than 2,500 people.

Since 1 November 2022, The Point members will instantly earn 2,500 bonus points  after logging in to Nature Rescue and binding their account in the mobile app. Members will then automatically earn bonus points for carrying out green missions via the Nature Rescue mobile app – 1,250 points for reporting a rubbish blackspot, 2,500 points for participating in a clean-up and 12,500 points (equivalent to HK$50 Point Dollars) for initiating one such event. Point Dollars can be used as cash at 25 SHKP malls .

Nature Rescue is organizing a series of events to encourage more people, particularly the young generation, to download the app, join its clean-up activities, and learn more about conservation. Three coastal and countryside clean-ups were held earlier this month to help protect the habitats of horseshoe crabs, golden birdwings and spotted seahorses. Pop-up zones are being held at major SHKP malls zones to attract more people to join the Nature Rescue team and work together to make the environment better.

Nature Rescue is part of the SHKP Love Nature Campaign. A programme jointly launched by SHKP and Green Power in 2011, it works closely with secondary and primary schools, and kindergartens to promote love-of-nature messages. It has also arranged workshops for non-governmental and private organizations to motivate their staff and volunteer teams to join clean-up events.  
The Point integrated loyalty programme offers free membership registration. Members who patronize any of the 2,000-plus merchants at 25 SHKP malls across Hong Kong or any of the five Royal brand hotels can earn The Point bonus points. The points can be converted to Point Dollar and used as cash, or redeemed for gifts via the mobile app.

The Nature Rescue mobile app can be downloaded by scanning the following QR code:

Nature Rescue mobile app QR code

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