Supply Chain

The Group aims to promote a sustainable supply chain in environmental, social and governance dimensions. We focus on building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and contractors through active engagement and management.


To support the local economy,
of our suppliers are
locally based

Our contractors had a below-industry average accident rate of
7.98 per
1,000 workers

on construction sites

Developed and introduced
smart management solutions
to improve health and safety
on our construction sites

Supporting Local Procurement

To promote environmental and social responsibility along our value chain, we prefer local suppliers whenever possible to reduce carbon emissions from transportation and to support the local economy. During the reporting year, we worked with over 4,600 suppliers, 98% of them are locally based.

Safeguarding the Safety and Welfare of Our Construction Workers

Health and safety remain our top priority at our construction sites, so we have implemented a number of initiatives to reduce health and safety risks. During the reporting year, our contractors recorded an accident rate of 7.98 per 1,000 workers (much lower than the Hong Kong industry average) on our construction sites.

Applying Innovative Technologies to Improve Construction Safety

We developed and introduced a smart management solution named SmartWorks at one of our construction sites. The solution equips workers with smart helmets that integrate IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and GPS tracking, allowing workers’ real-time health condition, as well as their attendance record, to be closely monitored on-site.