The Environment

Beyond compliance, the Group aims to continually improve the environmental performance of our properties and operations. Through optimizing resource efficiency, acting on climate change and leveraging on innovative solutions, the Group seeks to contribute to building sustainable cities and communities.


Accomplished the Group’s
energy-reduction target

and set a new
10-year target
for our managed properties

Obtained the
‘Excellent’ rating
in Management under
the Selective Scheme
BEAM Plus Existing
Buildings V2.0

at five managed properties,
including Sun Hung Kai Centre

Refined our
climate strategy
and introduced
climate-resilient elements
in buildings to adapt to climate change

Accomplished the Group’s 2019/20 Energy-Reduction Target and Renewed its 10-year Target

As at the end of the 2019/20 fiscal year, we had achieved an electricity consumption intensity of 144.65 kWh/m2 of gross floor area, which represents a reduction of 10.22% since 2014/15. The Group is committed to further reducing the electricity consumption intensity of the EOC-managed buildings by 13% by fiscal year 2029/30 compared to 2019/20.

Obtained Green Building Certifications

The Group has been awarded numerous green building certificates in recognition of our continued commitment to building our green portfolio. Over 95% of our ongoing construction sites (by total GFA) are registered with BEAM Plus. Five managed properties, including Sun Hung Kai Centre, achieved the ‘Excellent’ rating in Management under the Selective Scheme of BEAM Plus Existing Buildings V2.0.

Refining Our Climate Strategy

Recognizing the associated risks and opportunities posed by climate change, the Group has consolidated its resources to strengthen management of the situation, develop a resilient long-term strategy, expand our climate-risk management capabilities, and improve the management of related performance, for example, introducing climate-resilient elements in buildings to combat climate change.