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SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation and Nanjing University sign memorandum of understanding for new phase of scholarship programme
Nanjing University grants honorary trustee in recognition of the Foundation's support and care for over a decade


SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation Executive Director Amy Kwok (front right) and Nanjing University Party Committee Secretary Hu Jinbo (front left) officiate at the  ceremony with guests
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SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation Executive Director Amy Kwok (front right) and Nanjing University Party Committee Secretary Hu Jinbo (front left) officiate at the ceremony with guests

The SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation has supported talented students in their studies and promoted education across the country over the years. The Foundation has joined hands with various institutions to establish a host of scholarship schemes in order to help outstanding students from disadvantaged families pursue their undergraduate studies for a more positive and knowledge-based future. The Foundation has completed two phases of scholarship programme at Nanjing University since 2006. Upon completion of the new phase (the third phase), a total of 3,000 students will be benefitted with aggregate donations reaching approximately HK$16 million.

At a recent appointment and signing ceremony held by the Foundation, Nanjing University Party Committee Secretary Hu Jinbo granted a certificate of appointment of honorary trustee to Amy Kwok, Executive Director of SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation, in recognition of her long-standing contributions made to Nanjing University as well as her support in charity work.

Amy Kwok and Hu Jinbao then signed a memorandum of understanding for the third phase of the scholarship programme. Nanjing University has long placed great emphasis on the personal development of students and encouraged them to actively participate in charity activities. Apart from providing underprivileged students with financial aid, the third phase of the programme also allocates funds for student activities in support of the Nanjing University SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation Scholarship Alumni Association.  This helps motivate students to engage in the community and enrich their school life experience.

Amy Kwok said, 'Since 2002, the SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation has committed to nurturing talented individuals across the country by offering financial assistance to promising students from disadvantaged families. Nanjing University is one of the top institutions listed on the country's "Double First-Class Initiative", which is an outstanding accomplishment. I am very pleased that our collaboration with the University has resulted in batches and batches of beneficiaries graduated year after year, including those who have won scholarships to renowned local or overseas universities for further studies. Some graduates have joined the civil service to serve the country, while others found employment at large corporations. Our Group is developing several projects in the Yangtze River Delta and requires a great deal of talented individuals. On this issue, we look forward to further exchanges with the University in the future.'

Hu Jinbao expressed his gratitude to the SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation for the generosity and continuous donation over a decade. Pledged to the mission of life influencing life, the University is indeed grateful for having a partner who gives unfailing commitment. In the third phase of the scholarship programme, the University will continue to nurture a new generation of talent upholding integrity for the country's future development.

Over the past 16 years, the SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation has established and sponsored more than 60 projects in support of education, healthcare, culture, international exchanges, cultural heritage preservation and research as well as programmes for the needy. Over 10,000 people across more than 20 provinces have been benefitted from these programmes while total donations exceed RMB700 million.

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