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SHKP's flagship mall V Walk in southwest Kowloon set to become one of the district's largest dynamic and stylish shopping hotspots
Fashion tenants include initial, AIGLE, SPORT b. and Levi's
First year turnover expected to reach HK$800 to HK$1,000 per square foot


Developed by Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (SHKP), V Walk is the new flagship shopping mall conveniently located in the heart of southwest Kowloon. With a total area of about 300,000 square feet, the mall features more than 150 outlets, creating a new shopping and entertainment hub. V Walk is committed to building a diverse tenant mix and has already announced that about 30 renowned brands will take up residence, including the new southwest Kowloon Golden Harvest V Walk Cinema as well as global cosmetics brands Guerlain and Benefit. Nearly 60% of the restaurants in V Walk will debut in southwest Kowloon for the first time, such as the Taiwanese casual family restaurant TeaWood, popular local restaurant Men Wah Bing Teng and MI-NE Sushi's new concept restaurant.

In order to create a new large-scale dynamic and stylish shopping hotspot in the district, V Walk specially invited about 20 renowned fashion brands to the mall's 'We Walk in Style' event. Brand names attending included AIGLE, SPORT b., initial, BRAND OFF, Bauhaus, Salad, Timberland, PORTER INTERNATIONAL, Levi's, Ray-Ban, bread n butter, Dr. Kong, SKECHERS and Optical 88. Other well-known brands opening their doors in the mall include popular ice-cream store Häagen-Dazs as well as Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea and Attakai Kokoro Tea Shop which are big draw drinks shops among young people. Also taking up tenancy are the renowned Singaporean salted egg fish skin crisps specialist Starchew and signature local brand Cookies Quartet. Over half of the mall's shops will open in southwest Kowloon for the first time. These include Tom N Toms Coffee, MaxChoice, Premier Food, CATALO, Maxcare, New Vision and Bugis@Laksa & Hainan Chicken Rice. The famous Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea from Taiwan, Hong Kong's first Japanese-style boutique drinks store Attakai Kokoro Tea Shop and Starchew's maiden retail shop in a mall in Hong Kong will drive a great deal of consumer traffic from young people. 

V Walk introduces about 30 renowned fashion tenants to create a trend-setting landmark in southwest Kowloon

Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Deputy General Manager (Leasing) Evelyn Suen said, 'V Walk is located in the central area of southwest Kowloon. As the first large-scale flagship shopping mall in the district, we were keen on negotiating with different international fashion brands with the aim of inviting them to open shops at V Walk so that shoppers in the district would enjoy a wide selection of trendy brands all set amidst a stylish, comfortable shopping environment that would help usher in a new chic ambience to the entire area. V Walk has attracted a wide variety of prestigious international tenants for its 150 outlets with nearly all shop spaces already leased out. Around 70% of tenants comprise fashion brands and restaurants. We believe the wide mix of tenants we've attracted will be especially enticing to young people. The current catering rents are about HK$50 to HK$120 per square foot while retail rents run between HK$150 and HK$300 per square foot. With the aim of introducing a fresh range of options to consumers in the district, the mall will earmark about HK$20 million in promotions during the first year. The mall is expected to bring in around HK$160 million in rental income for the Group during its first year of operation with the overall turnover exceeding HK$1,200 million. Average daily traffic is expected to reach over 100,000 people and spending per person should fall between HK$800 and HK$3,000.'

Suen added, 'In recent years, the demand for Fashion Sports has continued to grow, and there is also a clear demand for high quality fashion as well as sports products. Following the Group's belief in putting customers first, the mall welcomes about 30 fashion, shoes, glasses and accessories tenants, expected to drive turnover of between HK$800 and HK$1,000 per square foot in the first year. V Walk is poised to become the most anticipated fashion hub in southwest Kowloon, strengthening the clothing and accessories shop mix throughout the district and further bolstering the area's reputation for fashion.'

An extensive selection of clothing, shoes, glasses and accessories for fashion lovers

V Walk is committed to enriching its tenant mix and introducing different stylish brands to bring a fresh experience to customers. In addition to the around 20 internationally-renowned restaurants previously noted, about 30 global fashion brands will also join V Walk to help inject a new fashion vibe to the district. These brands include the edgy Bauhaus, the luxury brand specialist Brand Off, the sweet and charming outlet bread n butter, classic denim brand Levi's, high-end glasses maker Ray-Ban, the young and elegant shop Salad, the dynamic SKECHERS, the minimalistic fashion outlet SPORT b., the popular shoe boutique Timberland and leisure glasses distributor Optical 88. This wide range of quality fashion product choices will help customers create fresh new looks for themselves. Moreover, the mall is proud to welcome to V Walk for the first time ever in southwest Kowloon brands such as SPORT b., initial, BRAND OFF, Timberland, Ray-Ban and bread n butter to provide young fashion lovers with an unprecedented shopping experience.

As the largest new flagship shopping mall in southwest Kowloon, the development has attracted a great deal of attention from the market. Tenants are optimistic about V Walk's prospects, anticipating unlimited business opportunities for both sides while providing an unparalleled shopping experience for target customers.

Amidst today's digital era, V Walk will leverage the latest in innovative technology to enhance its service quality. By introducing iBeacon positioning technology to cover all tenants throughout the mall, customers will be easily directed to the stores they are looking for with a navigation mobile app. Moreover, this app will constantly deliver the latest fashion updates to customers, offering a convenient shopping experience while reinforcing the mall's status as the new entertainment hub in the area. In line with its young and dynamic positioning, V Walk will also collaborate with tenants to roll out a diverse range of themed promotional campaigns and interactive events to attract even more young customers from the district and beyond. V Walk looks forward to working together with its tenants to create the 'We Walk in Style' approach to life by providing customers with a host of fresh, premium shopping experiences.

Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Deputy General Manager (Leasing) Evelyn Suen
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Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Deputy General Manager (Leasing) Evelyn Suen
Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Deputy General Manager (Leasing) Evelyn Suen (second row, eighth left) and renowned fashion tenants of V Walk
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Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Deputy General Manager (Leasing) Evelyn Suen (second row, eighth left) and renowned fashion tenants of V Walk

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