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SHKP mentors light up career paths during ten-week life-on-life internship
Youngster recognizes aspiration and vows to become an engineer


Representatives from SHKP and Breakthrough at the 2018 Modern Apprenticeship Programme graduation ceremony with mentors to mark ten weeks of growth for apprentices
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Representatives from SHKP and Breakthrough at the 2018 Modern Apprenticeship Programme graduation ceremony with mentors to mark ten weeks of growth for apprentices

The graduation ceremony for the 2018 Modern Apprenticeship Programme sponsored by Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (SHKP) and co-hosted by Breakthrough was held recently.  The event honoured more than ten young people who took part in internships at SHKP and its subsidiaries following the completion of life planning and personal growth training sessions.  Under the guidance and support of their mentors, these young people became confident to leave their comfort zones for new life challenges in order to map out their future career paths.

Following completion of the phase of personal growth training at Breakthrough, the apprentices embarked on ten-week internships at SHKP and ultimately an exchange trip to Taiwan.  Apprentice Fung Tung-yiu, who has her sights set on becoming a banquet manager, was grateful for her placement opportunity at an SHKP hotel where she received constant support and encouragement from her mentor, whose motto was “There are always more solutions than problems”.  This inspired Tung-yiu to face different challenges with a positive attitude.  Another apprentice, Tse Yin-kwan, had been working toward becoming an arborist.  However, after two and a half months’ internship in which he witnessed the passion, professionalism and positive attitude of co-workers at the Technical Department, he is now determined to become an engineer.

At the graduation ceremony, Breakthrough General Secretary Joyce Man expressed her gratitude for SHKP’s continuous support of the Modern Apprenticeship Programme.  She was pleased to see SHKP encourage its staff to become inspiring beacons for young people’s career paths.  Besides serving as mentors in the workplace, SHKP staff also joined their apprentices on the trip to Taiwan.  One of the SHKP mentors, Chan Yin-fan, who joined the trip, said the apprentices’ efforts to make breakthrough progress during the trip really reflects the essence of a life-on-life influence.

The Modern Apprenticeship Programme offers a variety of personal growth training and a ten-week placement to give participants a chance to learn about themselves and find aspirations.  Under the guidance of seasoned SHKP staff, they also come to understand life in the workplace and getting along with others.  SHKP mentors discover the strengths and potential of the apprentices in addition to providing job coaching, to steer their career aspirations so they can move forward and build their futures.

SHKP has been running the Modern Apprenticeship Programme with Breakthrough since 2003.   The programme offers work experience and training in social skills and personal development to students who have underperformed in public exams, so they can broaden their futures by exploring their aptitudes and career aspirations.   The programme primarily targets young people aged 16 to 24 without a tertiary education; mainly candidates for the Diploma of Secondary Education Examination, Diploma Yi Jin or Youth Employment and Training Programme students.  Over the past 16 years, the Modern Apprenticeship Programme has nurtured the growth of over 300 young people who struggled with limited academic horizons.

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