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V Walk, SHKP's latest flagship mall in Southwest Kowloon, approaches 90% occupancy
Introducing a brand new cinema to the district in addition to an array of prestige tenants


There will be a wide mix of Star Tenants in V Walk. The eighth left in the front row is Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Deputy General Manager (Leasing) Evelyn Suen
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There will be a wide mix of Star Tenants in V Walk. The eighth left in the front row is Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Deputy General Manager (Leasing) Evelyn Suen

Developed by Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (SHKP) in the core transport and shopping hub in Southwest Kowloon, the brand new flagship mall V Walk spans a total gross floor area of around 300,000 square feet and offers over 150 shops. The current pre-lease rate is excellent with a wide mix of tenants including Golden Harvest V Walk, Man Wah Café & Bakery, Gyu-Kaku Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant, Chung So Si Fong Dessert and TenRen’s Tea.

"V Walk" Pre-lease Rate Close to 90% Diverse Tenant Mix for Every Need

Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Deputy General Manager (Leasing) Evelyn Suen said, "V Walk is expected to open in mid-2019. The mall is in close proximity to a number of large-scale housing complexes, primary and secondary schools, along with the upcoming completion of high-quality properties atop Nam Cheong Station and other large-scale housing complexes in the district. The resident population is expected to further blossom, increasing the demand for a large-scale shopping mall, guaranteeing V Walk’s prospects for development. V Walk has gathered a wide variety of prestigious tenants, with strong expectation for the average daily foot traffic to reach over 100 thousands and expecting to bring in around $160 million lease income and a total annual turnover of over $1.2 billion in the first year of business. As the first large-scale flagship mall in the district, V Walk will offer over 150 shops with shop areas from around 700 to 1,500 square feet. The current pre-lease rate is close to 90% and we are now negotiating with many more interested brands to introduce the best tenant mix for teenage consumers. Full pre-lease rate is expected by the end of this year. Rent per square foot is around $100 to $200."

Evelyn Suen continued, "The mall will usher in a new dynamic ambience to the district and the target consumers are trend-setting teenage shoppers from 20 to 45. To cater for the needs of the young consumers, following the earlier announcements of Think International Kindergarten/ Nursery and Fusion by PARKnSHOP, the mall is also specially introducing a cinema and other tenants specializing in fashion, skincare and cosmetics, watches and jewellery and food and beverages with a target ratio of 70% in restaurants and fashion shops. V Walk is dedicated to offering the finest shopping choices and services, which present a nourishing shopping experience and family entertainment to attract young families in the district."

Golden Harvest Cinemas Offers Brand New Amusement and Delight 

V Walk is dedicated to fulfilling residents’ leisure needs with diverse amusement options, and has specially invited Golden Harvest Cinemas to open a new cinema to offer a brand new entertainment hot spot in Southwest Kowloon. Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment (Holdings) Limited Deputy Chief Operation Officer Belinda Tang said, “The completion of numerous large-scale high-quality housing complexes and hotels in Southwest Kowloon brings sustainable growth to the residential population, and the needs for leisure and entertainment are on the rise. Orange Sky Golden Harvest has chosen to open a new cinema in V Walk because we are confident of its potential to become the new shopping hot spot in the area. We hope that the collaboration can bring stylish cinematic enjoyment to the area.” Belinda Tang said that the new cinema GH V Walk will operate on lifestyle enrichment, targeting the teenage market and young families, satisfying local residents’ pursuit of the ultimate movie experience, as well as attracting consumers from other districts to further boost the foot traffic and turnover of the mall.

GH V Walk is the first cinema of the Group in Nam Cheong, expecting to offer over 400 seats in 5 houses. The new cinema will be designed with a brand new concept, infusing Art Deco and Bauhaus styles with a wide variety of materials and patterns that brings upon a unique style encompassing both modern and classic elements. The equipment of the cinema will continue to adopt the top-notch Barco and Dolby systems. The opening of GH V Walk is guaranteed to turn a new page for the area’s entertainment experience, creating a popular attraction for teenage consumers.

World-renowned Restaurants Offer Incomparable Culinary Experience

V Walk has recorded over 400 leasing enquiries since it was available on the market. The response was enthusiastic and around 20 popular restaurants have already decided to open in V Walk with a brand new look.offering different types of cuisines. The restaurants include the popular Taiwanese Teawood Taiwanese Café & Restaurant, the traditional Hong Kong-style Man Wah Café & Bakery and Principal Kitchen, the Japanese izakaya Isana Kushiro, MI-NE Sushi and Gyu-Kaku Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant, the Vietnamese restaurant What The Pho, the famed Chung So Si Fong Dessert and TenRen’s Tea, the exquisite dessert café Chateraise, the healthy Original Taste Workshop, the nostalgic Mei Lok Store, as well as Starbucks, A-1 Bakery, Kee Wah Bakery, and so on. Nearly 60% of these restaurants open in Southwest Kowloon for the first time, bringing a fresh range of options to consumers and creating a popular culinary hub that capitalizes on the enormous consumer power in Southwest Kowloon.

As a brand new large-scale flagship shopping mall is rare in Southwest Kowloon, the tenants are confident of the prospects at V Walk, trusting that V Walk can bring mutual benefits that create unlimited business opportunities.

Tai Hing Worldwide Development Ltd. Brand & Business Development Deputy General Manager Tommy Chan said, “We believe that V Walk will bring new vibrancy to the area, attracting consumers from within and outside the area. Furthermore, the market positioning of the new mall is in line with Man Wah Café & Bakery and Teawood Taiwanese Café & Restaurant, targeting teenage consumers and satisfying the needs of new generation while preserving the nostalgic Hong Kong by providing a range of classic local delicacies. It is promising that opening new branches in V Walk will be beneficial to all parties.”

Kabushikigaisha Limited Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer Simon Wong, JP said, “With the completion of high-quality housing complexes in Southwest Kowloon, the area’s future residential population is sustainably growing. Furthermore, the mall possesses the advantages of both the West Rail Line and Tung Chung Line, which will bring in more consumers from neighbouring areas, promising enormous development potential. Therefore, we have chosen to open the area’s first Gyu-Kaku Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant in V Walk for its unlimited potential and promising turnover.”

President of Japan-Dining-World Co. Ltd. Hayashi Haruki said, “SHKP’s shopping malls always come with comprehensive services and facilities, especially in applied technology, dedicated to develop integrated smartphone apps such as Eat E-asy, which offers remote queuing, reservation and other convenient functions for consumers to plan and fully utilize their time without having to spend hours queuing in front of a restaurant. The partnership between MI-NE Sushi and V Walk by the exceptional SHKP will introduce new Japanese dining concept to V Walk and surely strike the best results for both.”

Starz Kitchen Management Ltd. Business Development Manager Terry Siu said, “SHKP is already very thoughtful in positioning V Walk, which is connected to neighbouring areas via convenient footbridges, making V Walk the hub of the area, and even of surrounding areas. The lifestyle facilities of the mall are destined to attract foot traffic. The menu of Principal Kitchen is designed based on classic Hong Kong delicacies and is going to continue to bring in different dishes to create more Hong Kong-styled food and drinks. ”

The mall’s current pre-lease rate is excellent. Apart from the mentioned brands, other tenants coming to the mall include international beauty and cosmetics brands Guerlain and Benefit, young family’s favourite fashion brand UNIQLO, well-known watches and jewellery brands Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group, PANDORA, Lukfook Jewellery, Chow Sang Sang, TSL Jewellery and Emperor Watch & Jewellery. It is the first time for TSL Jewellery to open in Southwest Kowloon. All the tenants feel pleased to work with SHKP again to create a brand new one-stop shopping complex in Southwest Kowloon.

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Executive Director Peter Suen, said, "We have always wanted to renew the conception of younger generation towards gold accessories, watches and jewellery, and are committed to innovating trendy jewellery. This coincides with V Walk’s mission to integrate the classic and the new cultures in the area. Therefore, we have decided to open a new shop in V Walk as we believe that the mall can bring a positive influence to the shop. To cater for the lifestyle and demands of young couples and consumers in the area, the new shop will provide more jewellery products, such as the chic Disney series, Forevermark diamonds and wedding accessories."

Guerlain Senior Marketing Manager Bates Siu said, "We foresee that the consumer power in Southwest Kowloon will continue to grow in the coming years. V Walk is going to be a large-scale shopping mall for major high-quality housing complexes in Nam Cheong, as well as attracting consumers from neighbouring districts such as Mei Foo, Lai Chi Kok, Cheung Sha Wan and Nam Cheong West. As there is a large female population in the district, we have prepared respective marketing strategies to bring even more exceptional beauty and cosmetic services to consumers."

Synergizing with properties atop the station and other housing complexes in the area, the Group believes that the diverse merchandise and tenant mix will offer nearby residents a brand new convenient lifestyle experience. The partnership with tenants to provide innovative fun elements to shop designs and operations will also enable V Walk and its renowned tenants to infuse a brand new vibrant dynamics in the area, creating a unique lifestyle integrated with old and new elements to showcase the charms of ‘We Walk With Stars’ and to establish the mall as the new leisure and entertainment landmark in the area.

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