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SHKP and Joint Publishing develop talented writers
Eight books by post-80 writers to debut at Book Fair


Sun Hung Kai Properties’ SHKP Book Club and Joint Publishing staged a third Young Writers’ Debut competition to enable talented young authors to get their first books published.  The year-long competition had veteran writers and creative professionals coaching the budding authors individually.  The winning writers were all born after 1980, and their books will debut at the Hong Kong Book Fair today and be distributed via major bookstores in Hong Kong and on the mainland.

SHKP Director of Corporate Communications Margaret Ng, Joint Publishing Deputy Chief Editor Anne Lee and competition judges Victor Hui, Vincent Wong and Justin Wong announced the new books today (July 20).

Margaret Ng said: “This is our third competition and it has been very popular.  We are pleased with the young writers’ debut books and the exceptional topics, formats and writing.  The authors have different backgrounds and their books come in novel, sketch, poem and short story formats.  They reflect a positive attitude and show that young people in Hong Kong are passionate about writing.  The authors will go far with the right support and development.”

Anne Lee said: “As a publisher, I was touched by the contestants’ determination and creativity.  There is room for improvement, but their honesty in telling their stories adds a new dimension to the Hong Kong publishing field.  Creativity based on life is colourful and full of energy.  I offer the winners my best wishes that they produce more great works and contribute to Hong Kong literary scene as they gain more life experience.”

The eight writers add personal touches and new perspectives to their unique stories about life, growth and Hong Kong culture.  One of the books tells of an unsettled childhood in Wah Fu Estate in comics, and another is about emerging from a long battle with lupus.  Others include a sketch book about Chinese mahjong culture, anecdotes on different values in Hong Kong and on the mainland, a novel about three generations constantly on the move, poems about great things and a book about people met during a part-time job in a cinema.

Aspire to Bring Words to Life booth

SHKP and Joint Publishing have a special booth to showcase the eight winning books at the book fair this year.  Buy any two of the winning books at the booth (Hall 1, IE-B04) and present a coupon to get a 25% discount.

SHKP, the Trade Development Council, St James’ Settlement and MGuru have arranged for nearly 1,200 underprivileged children to visit the annual book fair each year for four consecutive years, with a book subsidy this year of HK$240 for each child.  Young writers will also be there to inspire the children to create their own books.

About the SHKP Book Club

SHKP believes that knowledge is the key to the future and that only through constant learning can people keep pace with the world and lift their horizons to contribute to a better future for Hong Kong.  The SHKP Book Club was set up in 2005 to encourage people to make reading a part of life.

Book Club initiatives include Young Writers’ Debut competitions, taking disadvantaged children to the Hong Kong Book Fair with subsidies four years in a row, publishing a free bi-monthly literary magazine Books4You that recommends good books, four book review competitions, public seminars with noted writers and celebrities and scholars talking about reading.

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