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SHKP's large-scale seafront flagship mall V Walk
Infuses vibrant energy to create a brand new landmark in Southwest Kowloon


The brand new flagship shopping mall developed by Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (SHKP) in Southwest Kowloon is now officially named - “V Walk”.  Situated in a prestigious location at MTR Nam Cheong Station, V Walk creates a retail synergy with properties atop the station with its diverse merchandise and tenant mix, combining shopping, entertainment, leisure and social interaction all into a chic and dynamic integrated experience.   V Walk is slated  to open during the first half of 2019.  With a total gross floor area of around 300,000 square feet, the mall will be home to around 150 tenants, creating a brand new shopping and entertainment hotspot and emerging as a new landmark in Southwest Kowloon.

Brand new flagship shopping mall - “V Walk”  brings new elements to  Southwest Kowloon 

Sun Hung Kai Real Estate  Agency Director (Sales and Leasing)Mr. K.F. Chan said: “SHKP is experienced in developing shopping malls and is committed to presenting innovative designs and unique concepts to successfully establish popular shopping locations in different areas in Hong Kong. The brand new flagship shopping mall V Walk atop MTR Nam Cheong Station will become the Group’s latest star development.”

Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Deputy General Manager (Leasing) Ms Evelyn Suen said: “The name ‘V Walk’  represents a convergence of vitality, symbolizing that this development will become the new ‘hotspot’ for leisure and entertainment in Southwest Kowloon, radiating robust and dynamic energy. Developed in conjunction with the theme of  ‘We Walk Together’, V Walk is committed to transcending the usual shopping routine to create a new and extraordinary experience. The letter ‘V’ refers to  ‘Vivid’, and has a similar sound to ‘we’ in English,  a clear reflection of the development’s mission to merge a shopping mall and the community into one synergistic whole. The logo design concept is also based on ‘We Walk Together’—with the orange colour representing vitality and energy, emphasizing the fact that V Walk will bring a new vivid presence to  Southwest Kowloon while the brown represents warmth and harmony, conveying the idea that this shopping mall will be a comfortable  location in tune with the community’s overall sensibilities. The letters ‘V’ and ‘W’ in the logo are both capitalized and align with each other,  expressing the notion that V Walk will grow together  vigorously with the community, ushering in a new dynamic ambience to the area.” 

Introduction of a large-scale supermarket & international kindergarten 

According to the latest figures*, the population in Kowloon West# has grown to around 1.16 million in line with continuing development throughout the area in recent years.  The district is home to about 16% of Hong Kong’s total population and is the largest demographic centre in the entire Kowloon District. The main consumer group, aged between 25 and 44,  comprises around 30% of the district’s total population.  Given the area’s numerous large-scale housing complexes coming on stream,  there is naturally a tremendous demand for a large-scale shopping mall.  V Walk offers  twin railway access advantages  via the West Rail Line and Tung Chung Line, which also helps mobilize foot traffic from neighbouring areas. More large-scale hotels and residential developments are planned near MTR Nam Cheong Station along with a host of grade-A office buildings that  are currently being completed in Cheung Sha Wan, whose  working population in the district#  numbers nearly 660,000,  providing a huge consumer buying power for  the district that clearly recognizes the growing potential of V Walk.

Ms Evelyn Suen said: “With the future residential and commercial developments blossoming in Southwest Kowloon, V Walk will be able to further expand its target consumer base. The shopping mall will mainly  attract teenage shoppers between 20 and 45, and the estimated rent per square foot will fall between $100 and $200. Tenants will be grouped into six categories:  fashion, skincare and cosmetics, watches and jewelry, audio-visual and electrical appliances, food & beverage outlets,  and a large supermarket, all of which are certain to attract young families in pursuit of a high quality chic living.  . The Group aims to achieve a pre-lease rate of 90% for the shopping mall by mid 2018.  Market response to this new shopping mall has been enthusiastic as numerous enquiries have been recorded since the first phase of shop leasing,  including several international fashion brands and an array of international and domestic restaurants to satisfy a wide range of patrons’ tastes.” 

To cater for the residential developments above  the MTR station and other private estates within the district, V Walk is introducing a large-scale supermarket and a prestigious kindergarten to cater to residents’ needs for high-end shopping and quality educational opportunities for children.  The innovative designs, quality services and facilities, and other premium elements will not only bring new vitality to Southwest Kowloon residents, but they will also provide first-of-its-kind  lifestyle conveniences. Fusion by PARKnSHOP plans to introduce new concepts in their new V Walk branch. Moreover, the renowned Think International Kindergarten/Nursery will also open a new school at V Walk. Staffed with experienced NET instructors, the school will nurture biliterate and trilingual language abilities of  students. Another Think International Kindergarten/Nursery branch, located in Kowloon Tong, is very popular among parents. The founder, Chief Principal Lily Choy, said:  “With the completion of new developments in the district, the demands for more school places will be greater. Plus, V Walk has a complete transport network, so we are confident that our school in V Walk will attract elite families inside and outside the district. Our  V Walk facility will offer approximately 250 kindergarten and nursery school places, providing bilingual pre-school education to students throughout the district.”

Dual railway lines  connect to all parts of Hong Kong

V Walk will be a rare, large-scale flagship mall in the district, offering a total of over 150 shops,  each comprising an average of around 700 to 1,500 square feet.  The mall is located atop the Nam Cheong Station, and provides transport access advantages of both the West Rail Line and Tung Chung Line, which will bring in more consumers to the area.. Aided by  the convenience of the MTR, shoppers can reach Hong Kong Station directly then transfer to the Island Line for all districts on Hong Kong Island.  Shoppers can also reach Hung Hom Station, where they can transfer to the East Rail Line for New Territories North, allowing convenient transport to all parts of Hong Kong quickly and efficiently.  In addition, V Walk will also have 24-hour, all-weather indoor pedestrian access and a footbridge that connects to nearby residential developments, schools and a mobile library, allowing greater travel ease  for shoppers..

“Pulse of West Kowloon”  - Vibrant modern design creates a brand new shopping experience

V Walk has adopted  “Pulse of West Kowloon” as its main design theme, as the mall is located in the heart of Southwest Kowloon, and connects with the community at large. V Walk introduces new innovative  technological elements, and at the same time brings a new sense of vividness and a hip vibe  into the district. An integrated design with ideas that are both imaginative and traditional was created for V Walk by Wonderwall, the well-known Japanese interior design company which is cooperating with the Group on one of its Hong Kong commercial projects for the very first time. Wonderwall is a world-class design company,  famous for the design of many world-renowned brands like Westfield Sydney and the Uniqlo Global Flagship Store. The firm  has received numerous commercial development and international brand awards, including the Interior Design Firm of the Year of The Great Indoors Award  from the Netherlands in 2007.  The mall is 400 metres long with a superb seafront ., The designers have specially installed a glass curtain to capture the extensive harbour views and let in sunlight, which helps augment the overall sense of space. V Walk combines green architecture with a diverse leisure experience, surrounding shoppers with  a relaxing green environment.  

In addition, the Group also plans to work with its partner tenants to provide innovative fun elements to shop designs and operations, creating a dynamic and joyous lifestyle. V Walk will also adopt a brand new marketing strategy, and its promotion cost over  the year is expected to be around $20 million. The mall will also integrate the latest technologies to enhance services and emphasize personalized and digitalized experiences, such as Park Easy, Eat Easy and VIP self-registration and redemption services to fulfill the customer’s needs of today’s youth.

*According to “2016 Population By-census Results” announced by Census and Statistics Department on 10th April, 2017. (

# Kowloon West District refers to Yau Tsim Mong District, Sham Shui Po District, and Kowloon City District.

Sun Hung Kai Real Estate (Sales and Leasing) Agency Director Mr. K.F. Chan (third right) and Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Deputy General Manager (Leasing) Ms Evelyn Suen (third left) officially named the mall as V Walk
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Sun Hung Kai Real Estate (Sales and Leasing) Agency Director Mr. K.F. Chan (third right) and Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Deputy General Manager (Leasing) Ms Evelyn Suen (third left) officially named the mall as V Walk

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