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First purpose-built high-tier data centre in designated zone of Hong Kong:
SUNeVision’s MEGA Plus now ready for operation to enthusiastic response


Premier Hong Kong infrastructure and technology firm SUNeVision, a subsidiary of Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited, announced that MEGA Plus, a 474,000-square-foot purpose-built data centre in Tseung Kwan O designated zone has been granted an occupation permit and certificate of compliance on schedule. The completion of this best-in-class data centre sets a new benchmark for the Hong Kong data centre industry.

MEGA Plus is on the first site designated by the Hong Kong Government outside the Tsueng Kwan O Industrial Estate (TKOIE) for high-tier data centre development. It is a tier-4 ready next generation data centre for today’s and tomorrow’s demands with full redundant systems and distribution paths for 24x7 operation and concurrent maintenance. With a 132kV power substation on premise, MEGA Plus is capable of supporting more than 24MW of IT load capacity, and its flexible modular design meets the varied and dynamic requirements of telecom carriers, cloud service providers and large enterprises. The co-location space and value-added solutions offer optimal service for customers of all sizes that need reliable and top-class data centre facilities. MEGA Plus is built in a zone designated for data centre usage, hence freeing customers from unauthorized subletting risks.

SUNeVision Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer Peter Yan said: “We are pleased that MEGA Plus is completed as planned since this is an opportune time to meet the fast-growing data centre demands in Hong Kong and the region. We have received enthusiastic response from cloud providers, service providers and enterprise customers, which form an important cloud and connectivity ecosystem in MEGA Plus capable of fostering further interconnections. Our reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure and service, as well as high power density, low-latency and high-availability of MEGA Plus are key drivers to attract demands, including from telecom companies, cloud, CDN, OTT providers and other customers.”

The fact that MEGA Plus is free of subletting risk also contributes to customers’ decision to locate there. The Structure Research institute looking at the data centre industry said MEGA Plus would be the first and only multi-tenant data centre in Tseung Kwan O area outside of the TKOIE where subletting data centre capacity is prohibited.  MEGA Plus enables global service providers and large enterprises to avoid potential compliance issues while securing their data centre deployments for the long term.  Structure Research also notes that MEGA Plus’s location is ideal due to its low latency access to SUNeVision’s MEGA-i data centre in Chai Wan, and gives co-location customers the shortest route to access one of the most carrier-dense data centres in Hong Kong. Besides the connection to MEGA-i, MEGA Plus will connect to MEGA Two’s China gateway forming a virtual MEGA Campus. This enables content and service providers and enterprises with the optimal interconnection setup to serve end users.”

SUNeVision Chief Operating Officer Martin Chan said: “The grant of the occupation permit and certificate of compliance for MEGA Plus on schedule shows our data centre expertise, project management skills and leadership in complying with all stringent land grant requirements. The two multi-storey towers are designed to house over 5,000 server racks for customers, making MEGA Plus one of the largest data centres in Hong Kong. Its addition to our MEGA Campus meets customers’ demands for highly resilient and secure space for mission-critical IT equipment, as well as the need for a highly connected solution close to the central business district for primary, mirror and disaster recovery sites.”

SUNeVision announced that its MEGA Plus, a purpose-built data centre located in Tseung Kwan O designated zone, is ready for operation
SUNeVision announced that its MEGA Plus, a purpose-built data centre located in Tseung Kwan O designated zone, is ready for operation

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