Ma Wan Park promotes love and harmony and lets people get close to nature. Principal elements like the Nature Garden, Noah’s Ark, Solar Tower and Ma Wan Village offer educational, positive messages through interesting, interactive facilities and activities that open people’s horizons with new knowledge and values such as love of life, family and the Earth.

Nature Garden

The Nature Garden combines nature, learning, arts and love amid a relaxing atmosphere of extensive greenery and natural landscapes. Major attractions are the Rainbow Wall, Sweet Garden, Windmill Station, Golden Mean Plaza, Liberal Learning Centre, Hilltop Lookout and Heritage Centre.

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Noah's Ark

The Ma Wan Park Noah’s Ark is the world’s only replica built to biblical specifications and it sits in the shadow of the spectacular Tsing Ma Bridge with views of Rambler Channel. The Ark Garden outside the imposing vessel features 67 pairs of life-size animal sculptures exiting the Ark and celebrating life on dry land after the great flood. A wide range of educational and entertaining activities and a full-service hotel inside the Ark are designed to provide visitors with lasting memories.

Exhibitions in Noah’s Adventureland, the Ark Expo, Treasure House and Ark Life Education House encourage individual visitors and group tours to discover the essence of love and harmony and recognize the relationship between mankind and nature to spread the spirit of love, care and environmental awareness to the Hong Kong community.

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Solar Tower

Solar Tower has a vacuum solar telescope, which is 350mm in diameter and the largest professional telescope in South East Asia that is open to the public. Through this telescope, viewers can witness the sun’s surface activity in real time. There are also exhibition halls, 3D theatres, a spectrometer room and a research station to allow visitors to learn more about space, celestial wonders, the sun and the solar system.