The SHKP Club shares the belief of 'Building Homes with Heart' and promotes Loving Homes to its over 400,000 members and the public through activities, competitions, seminars and charity sales. It also spreads its loving home message over the Internet and in SHKP shopping malls and residential estates to promote social harmony.

Promoting Social Harmony

The Club has used different themes since it began the Loving Home campaign in 2006, including 'Loving Home', 'I do it for my family', 'SHKP Club Academy', 'Understand Your Loved Ones', 'Loving Home – Smile', 'Cherish Your Family' and 'Loving Home with All Your Heart' campaigns, with competitions, professional talks, workshops and other events to promote family health and loving homes. The Club also encourages people to express their love through its 'Cherish Your Family' Facebook page.

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