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Green Building and Management

Green Building and Management
Green Building and Management

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Green elements are incorporated into project planning

The Group is dedicated to quality and was the first developer in Hong Kong to practise green construction and management. It aims for sustainable development with planning, design, material sourcing and landscaping to save energy, reduce waste and create a better environment.

Green Building

It incorporates green considerations in new developments. Projects are planned with the buildings carefully aligned for maximum sunlight and high-quality windows insulate against heat transfer. Energy-saving devices are used to reduce power consumption for lights and air conditioning. The Group has clear environmental policies for material procurement. It uses wood from sustainable forests that meet international standards, and it gives priority to eco-friendly contractors and suppliers to push green awareness in the industry.

Its developments have vast green spaces and special landscaping with different types of plants. It has dedicated teams to take care of landscape design and maintenance to ensure that the green space fits well with each project.

Other green initiatives in property developments include the introduction of green materials and technology, measures to reduce construction waste, source separation and recycling of site waste and strict site management policies to reduce air, noise and water pollution. The Group also uses construction methods that have the least environmental impact on the neighborhood.

Green Management

The Group applies green management through its property management subsidiaries Hong Yip and Kai Shing. The two companies help promote green awareness among residents and tenants and encourage them to save energy.

Hong Yip and Kai Shing employ energy-saving practices like using high-efficiency lighting and controlling external lights to reduce electricity consumption. They also have organic farms and recycling drives for residents. Some of the Group’s residential developments offer family garden plots to raise the awareness of the environment.

It believes that carbon audits can help in formulating long-term carbon reduction targets. Carbon audits are conducted on over 100 of the Group’s developments, including commercial buildings, shopping malls, industrial buildings and residential estates. The audit scheme will be extended progressively to cover all Group developments.

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